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35 EPISODES | FINE MUSIC RADIO |  Podcast, ±5 min episode every 1 week
Fine Gardening is presented by Morné Faulhammer, who has been a horticulturist and garden centre business proprietor for over 30 years. He brings to the show a wealth of knowledge.

Morné encourages biodiversity, promotes indigenous plants and gives tips on soil management, water-wise gardening and so much more. Send your gardening questions to finegardening@fmr.co.za.


2 EPISODES | THE CASTERY |  Series, ±12 min episode total time 24 min
Did you know that right here with us ...there is a plant that in its DNA holds the key to the eradication of world hunger. There is a tree that can save the lives of thousands from malaria and dysentery. A root that brings emotional ease to animals in distress…even a species of grass that could be the cure for cancer.

A flower that is proven to be as effective as Prozac...

Everything we need for the improvement of the existence of mankind is living and growing all around us. I started one day on a quest to have the following question in my mind answered: IF plants are so powerful and can heal …Can they think? Are they sentient?

By using the powerful analogy of staying rooted in the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe by using the Botanical Kingdom to teach us how to escape the prison and conflict of our human minds, we can use plants as a means to return to our natural spiritual and emotional state, which is our True Self. We can then say that it is possible to find our true nature, through nature.

In other words, or more simply put, we can let plants be our teachers.

We have been to outer space! We’ve even walked on the moon. For years scientists have studied the stars and the universe looking outwards for answers to our existence. My life growing up in the bushveld and returning to the call of Africa’s wild has given me the gift of searching for answers to my existence by looking mostly at my feet… at the red dust of the veld I'm walking in, knee-high in vegetation or surrounded by the depths of the landscape of the earth around me, or if up then up into the towering branches of the beauties and marvels of the trees and plants I have grown up living in. The cosmic world is not so much above me, in the stars but under and around me.

Enjoy listening to my findings and experiences as I follow this quest!

Sought After Seeds

Imagine a world where there were only a few kinds vegetable seeds to grow to eat, with very limited choice.

That’s what the situation was in 2010 when Linda Galvad was looking for interesting vegetables to feed her growing interest in the effects of good food on the body and mind, and her culinary skills adventure.

Before she knew it, after exploring overseas offerings, she had been appointed the Franchi Sementi sub-Saharan Africa agent for these amazing vegetable seeds.

It was difficult to import these new varieties and finally permission was granted with each packet of every variety offered, there had to be a sticker, marked “experimental”, and every purchaser recorded.

After two years, Linda was given the all clear, and we celebrated the availability of all these wonderful, exciting and unusual vegetable seeds that are now permanently and prolifically on offer.

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