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6 Minute Vocabulary

5 EPISODES | BBC |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 2 days
Build your English vocabulary in six minutes. Every Monday join two of our presenters and hear about different ways to develop your vocabulary knowledge and skills. Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie and Alice. They are there to teach you new vocabulary and to test your language knowledge and they'll do it all in just six minutes.

Kaya Talk with Sotho Meyer

36 EPISODES | KAYA 959 |  Podcast, ±51 min episode every 3 days
All of life’s topics from the light-hearted to the deep, medical, social, psychological or controversial, Kaya Talk brings them to the fore Mondays to Thursday between 19h00 and 20h00.

Learning English for China

4 EPISODES | BBC |  Podcast, ±4 min episode every day
Improve your English listening skills, learn useful phrases and find out about life in the UK. This weekly podcast contains some of the best audio from, designed especially for Mandarin Chinese speakers who are learning English.

The Importance of Being Earnest

3 EPISODES | LIBRIVOX |  Book, ±43 min episode total time 2 hr 11 min
Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest is subtitled "A Trivial Comedy for Serious People," and has proved immensely popular since its first performance in 1895. The play certainly has its farcical and comic elements, such as the witty banter exchanged by the characters and the flippant attitude towards love and marriage that characterizes the action. However, the play also explores more serious themes through the central story of Jack Worthing's search for his identity.
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