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Say: Which team do you play for?

With Sky having a horrible time on Monday following Manchester United's loss, it has become really important for people to find out which team other people support just to be insensitive.

In this Zulu lesson, you get to learn how to do the courteous thing of asking which team someone likes.

Class is in session! Listen here:

Say: "Don't forget to vote"

With the municipal elections taking place in South Africa on the November 1, 2021; it's best you remind your colleagues, family and friends to practise their right to vote.
So here, this is how you say it.

How to say "listen here, lie down here!"

Hey, class is in session once again!
uThisha Sky is back with that Khuluma Nathi classes and lessons. He teaches Darren a line he wants to use on his dogs.
It might just sound a little impossible and unreal but you can definitely get this one!

Say: "Nice to meet you"

The final instalment of Sky Tshabalala's 'Khuluma Nathi' teaches you the perfect response to introductions.

As it seems to be wedding season with bridal pictures flooding the different social media platforms, when your daughter or son introduces their partner this weekend at dinner YOU should know exactly how to respond with this one.

Get your isiZulu on check by listening to more of Sky Tshabalala's 'Khuluma Nathi' podcasts

Say: "Sorry, I don't eat meat"

Given that South Africans love a good braai or as we like to call it - shisa nyama! But there are the select few who would choose to decline a big, fat steak and would rather settle for a leafy salad (and their numbers are growing). Of course, we're talking about vegetarians and vegans! To avoid being seen as rude, you can now tell everyone why you're choosing not to eat at the next braai.

Say: "What time does school start?"

If you don't know yet, DKS are busy hosting KZN's most exciting spelling bee - The Last Kid Standing. Seeing as all these fourth graders have to put their knowledge to the test and prove that they are the best speller, uThisha Sky Tshabalala thought it would only make sense to keep with a school theme this week! Take a listen to today's lesson, where Darren Maule almost made a HUGE mistake...

Say: "Can I please have a dozen (hamburger) rolls?”

We love the smell of braai in the evening! But there are also many other reasons why you would need a nice little roll. So why not use uThisha Sky Tshabalala's latest class to help you get that bread?! Make sure to listen to the full podcast so that you get the full classroom experience.

Say: "Please take a picture of us?"

While selfies are still very much a thing in 2021, sometimes when you are traveling or visiting a new place you don't want a selfie to be the only memory you have. When you are in pairs or a group, one of you could take a nice picture but that would mean that someone is always left out of the photo. The solution? Learn how to ask someone for help without having to worry about a language barrier!

Learn how to pronounce isiZulu surnames

After uThisha Sky Tshabalala taught the class how to pronounce isiZulu place names, the students wanted more. Apparently, people have been struggling with some isiZulu surnames as well. Seeing as someone's name is quite an important part of their identity and self, we wouldn't want to insult anyone by getting it wrong. And asking the person might make things a bit awkward, so Sky is here to help!

Say: "No thanks, I have my own bag."

With everything that's going on in the world, it's about time everyone came to the realisation that global warming, plastic pollution, and all those ad environmental things are a serious concern. uThisha Sky is hoping to do his part and help create awareness by teaching you how to say "no thank you!" because you are obviously bringing your own reusable bag to the grocery store.

Learn how to pronounce isiZulu place names

Sky Tshabalala is taking matters into his own hands because he is fed up with people mispronouncing the place names in KZN. If you live here you should be able to pronounce them the proper way so instead of leaving you to figure it out yourself, uThisha Sky is here to help! Learn the correct pronunciation of places like Unhlaanga, Umhloti and more.

Say: "Do you have a business card?"

Many local businesses have been struggling throughout this pandemic and that's why it's more important than ever to show your support. Now, language doesn't have to be a barrier and you can easily ask for someone's contact details. How helpful! This might also be one of the most successful Khuluma Nathi episodes to date. Darren Maule and Keri Miller killed it and the rest of KZN disappoint either. Call us impressed and uThisha Sky was definitely happy to hear so many wonderful attempts.

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