2 EPISODES | RAIZOR'S EDGE |  Podcast, ±35 min episode every 2 weeks, 4 days
Deep Dive is a series of thoughtful, layered, nuanced and authentic live conversations that deal with day-to-day entrepreneurial dilemmas. Instead of offering clichéd soundbites, the presenters – Allon Raiz and Kumaran Padayachee – engage in in-depth conversations. The series is unashamedly highbrow, philosophical, authentic and practical.

Winning Equation

27 EPISODES | WINNING EQUATION |  Podcast, ±24 min episode every 2 weeks, 4 days
Winning Equation, we interview entrepreneurs and leaders. We talk about all things entrepreneurship, leadership and sharing life lessons. The podcast is always looking for different perspective and life stories to learn from. Hosted by Sivenathi Mbebe.

Women in Digital Leadership Series

Today worldwide, 250 million few women than men online. Worldwide, women make only 8% of investing partners at top 100 venture capital. Digital skills can be part of the solution, and may offer opportunities to leapfrog challenges for participation and empowerment of women in the economy. This Podcast Series follows a series of live events hosted by Smart Digital Solutions. Their aim is to increase the number of women participating in leadership positions within the ICT sector.

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