Crime Fighters: Dirty Deals

10 EPISODES | DEUTSCHE WELLE - CRIME FIGHTERS |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
Zita and her family lose everything when a fire destroys the low-income settlement where they live. Some of the neighbors think it was an accident, but Zita, a young law student, starts investigating to find out who is responsible. She discovers that not just her former settlement, but most of the city’s infrastructure was built on corrupt deals, ignoring safety standards and putting the citizens at risk. She starts a social media campaign to uncover the dirty deals and raise awareness – which means stepping on dangerous ground, and soon the threats start coming in. Did the young woman bite off more than she can chew or will she really make a difference in the fight against corruption? This story was written by Chrispin Mwakideu (Kenya)

Crime Fighters: It Takes a Village

10 EPISODES | DEUTSCHE WELLE - CRIME FIGHTERS |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
When the girls' mother dies, they try to live alone without telling anyone. While trying to keep up appearances, Jane and Hope get into even more trouble. Their friends, the street kids Sara and Leroy, try to help them, but eventually their secret is revealed: the girl’s father turns up. He had been violent towards his family which is why they fled. Will the sisters finally get the support they need to protect their rights? This story was written by Carla Fernandes (Angola/Portugal

Drama : The Gold at the End of Rainbow Junction

0 EPISODES | LOTUS FM |  Podcast
Pritesh prefers to sit in his crumbling house and watch TV all day, despite great disapproval from his wife and mother-in-law. Things look set to continue that way until the family stumbles upon a treasure map of the loot Pritesh’s great great great grandfather stole in the Great Train Robbery of 1888. And so begins the hunt for the fortune that will change their lives. But what with nosy neighbours and cryptic clues, things don’t go too smoothly for the ill fated bunch.

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