Al Jeem or ‘Ahli Junūb’ means the “People of the South”.
This term has major historic and iconic meaning for us as Muslims in South Africa because we have inherited a unique cultural identity born out of a 300-year-long legacy. How did Islam come to life in South Africa? How did the Almighty Allah SWT show HIS mercy by not only blessing us to receive Islam, but with it a rich cultural heritage? Who were the first people to impart Islamic teaching and wisdom on us all those years ago? More importantly, what is OUR story, as Muslims and as the People of the South? Show

1 EPISODES | ACCIDENTALMUSLIMS.COM |  Podcast is a movement or platform whereby we showcase leaders (current & future), in their field or career or life in general, to inspire us to live with purpose. And we just happened to be Muslims [People who submit to One God :)]

Coming from a family where most of us were born Muslim – there is this perception that we were Muslims by “accident” or by chance – This platform is here to remind you to live with intentionality, to have this drive to actualize your true potential in this life and to ultimately live with purpose (with faith).

We are living in a world full of negativity, sadness, war, racism and corruption. Our youth are bombarded with negative and unproductive media. How about an alternative? How about showing the world that Muslims are not that bad… we not evil, terrorists and we can harmoniously integrate with society. We actually quite normal like everyone else.
Noted psychiatrist and author George Vaillant recently wrote that the absence of faith is nihilism, not atheism. Faith means believing in something. Without faith of some kind, it isn’t possible to have a sense of meaning, direction, or purpose in life.

Without faith, it wouldn’t make sense to expect (or keep) commitments. Some say that, without faith, even science is impossible since science depends on a basic faith that ‘things lie together in a harmony which excludes mere arbitrariness.’

Fiqh for Beginners

34 EPISODES | MARKAZ SAHABA ONLINE RADIO |  Podcast, ±12 min episode every 1 week, 3 days
Ml Abrarulhaq Essak reminds us about the basic laws of Islam to help us in our daily lives. Fiqh for beginners is a refresher on our maktab or what we learned in madressa, and is helpful to those who never got the opportunity to go to madressa to learn the basics acts of our beautiful deen.

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