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Al Aqsa, 51 years later and inferno rages on

On 21 August, 1969, an extremist Australian Christian, Dennis Michael Rohan, attempted to set fire to Masjidul Al-Aqsa Mosque – a significant moment in the history of this sacred mosque. The fire destroyed some of Jerusalem's most historic landmarks, including a 1,000-year-old pulpit. It’s believed Dennis Rohan’s actions had the…
19 Aug 2020 1 hr 43 min

Muslims for Humanity Webinar

Insights into the Covid-19 pandemic and how it affects us South Africans Guest Speaker: Professor Salim Abdool Karim (Chairperson of the Covid-19 Ministerial Advisory Committee)
4 Jul 2020 1 hr 11 min

Black Lives Matter Discussion

With the global debate around racism and the Black Lives Matter movement, former US ambassador Ebrahim Rasool and US scholar Shaykh Siraj Wahhaj participated in an online discussion on these issues. The dialogue was hosted by the Al Ikhlaas Academic Library on Saturday 13th June
13 Jun 2020 1 hr 11 min

Sports Hub

Sportshub Team speaks to Chad Poitier of fitfreak training
12 Jun 2020 16 min

Should mosques remain closed during the lockdown?

As a court battle looms over the call from two Muslim organisations for mosques to be reopened during the national lockdown, VOC in partnership with UUCSA hosted a simulcast radio discussion to give a medical perspective on the spread of COVID19 in religious gatherings. The show was hosted by Shafiq…
21 Apr 2020 59 min

Why is the house of Allah under lockdown?

Why is the house of Allah under lockdown? VOC was part of a live simulcast panel discussion on this highly-emotive topic... Guests: Maulana Ebrahim Bham, Maulana Taha Karaan, Dr Zameer Brey
10 Apr 2020 1 hr 07 min


Naeem Roomaney Naeema Brey brings beautiful tunes from their origin.
9 Feb 2020 1 hr 29 min

Rare thunderstorms bring relief to hujjaj on Arafat

Arafah 2019 will be one that hujjaj will never forget. In what many say is a rare occurrence, thunderstorms hit the plains of Arafah during the Waqt of Wuqoof on Saturday - bringing a much-needed respite to the intense heat hujjaj have been experiencing. Yusuf Fisher chatted to Maulana Irshaad…
11 Aug 2019 8 min

Violence at Masjidul Aqsa as Israeli police disperse Palestinians on Eid day

What was meant to be a joyous day for Palestinians celebrating Eid-ul-Adha descended into violence and chaos as Zionist forces clashed with Palestinians at Masjidul Aqsa in occupied East Jerusalem. Israeli occupation police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and sound grenades to remove Palestinian worshippers from the sacred site, following…
11 Aug 2019 4 min

Imam Haron's detention and the Muslim response

The Daroel Ielm Institute in Salt River hosted this critical discussion on Monday 22 July on the Muslim response to the detention of the political activist and martyr Imam Abdullah Haron. It forms part of the 123-day campaign to commemorate 50 years since his death. Imam Haron spent 123 days…
23 Jul 2019 56 min
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