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Welcome to 'Conversations Unveiled,' your one-stop destination for a captivating array of general interest interviews! Join us as we explore a diverse tapestry of topics, from fascinating personal journeys to thought-provoking discussions with experts in various fields. Our inquisitive hosts delve into the lives, experiences, and insights of intriguing individuals, shedding light on their unique perspectives. Whether you're passionate about science, culture, art, or simply love to explore the human experience, 'Conversations Unveiled' promises to ignite your curiosity. Tune in and embark on a journey of discovery, where each episode unveils new stories, ideas, and inspirations, making your world a bit richer with every listen.
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Adam Weilbach - Rock For Society

The Unicorn chats to Adam Weilbach from Entertainment/Rock for Society. Entertainment/Rock for Society is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for various charities through live events. Their beneficiaries include the Childhood Cancer Foundation, Andrea's Dream Foundation (supporting people living with Lupus), Tableview Angels (assisting families facing financial difficulties),…
20 May 20 min

Deep South Cape Town Brothers Becoming SA Strongest Men

The Unicorn chats to Strongman participants, Reuben & Timeon Jansen van Rensburg. Reuben Jansen van Rensburg (21) who won the silver medal at SA Strongest Man 2023 in August last year, got third place at the ASU Log & Deadlift Championships in Johannesburg in March this year. His younger brother…
22 Apr 29 min

Longbeach Mall - Easter Campaign

The Unicorn interviews Minnin Du Preez, Marketing Manager for Longbeach Mall, to discuss their Easter Campaign and the planned activities for children.
22 Mar 13 min

Lappies Labuschagne - Soetwater Environmental Education Centre

The Unicorn engages in a conversation with Lappies Labuschagne on the Drive Zone, discussing the unique features of the Soetwater Environmental Education Centre. This center stands out as a special outdoor classroom nestled by the sea, beneath a picturesque mountain, enveloped by untouched fynbos and wildlife, and positioned alongside an…
19 Mar 32 min

Ethan Simpson Completes His Ride For CHOC

14-year-old Ethan Simpson returns to the Zone Radio studio to share his experience of completing the Cape Town Cycle Tour on a UniCycle with the Unicorn on the Drive Zone. His achievement is not only remarkable but also inspiring, as he managed to raise over R56,000 for CHOC (The Childhood…
15 Mar 20 min

Christie Buss - The Parent Hub.

Judy Roberson engages in a conversation with Christie Buss, the creator of The Parent Hub. Explore a friendly and inclusive community that unites mothers for mutual assistance, meaningful relationships, and professional guidance. The Parent Hub is committed to empowering mothers on their individual paths, offering weekly activities and gatherings for…
15 Mar 23 min

Deon Smit - SA Water Warriors

The Unicorn engages in a meaningful conversation with Deon Smit, the dedicated founder of SA Water Warriors, on The Drive Zone. SA Water Warriors, a registered non-profit organization headquartered in Cape Town, is committed to alleviating the impact of the severe drought gripping our country. Their mission involves gathering donated…
11 Mar 23 min

Ethan Simpson Rides for CHOC

Ethan Simpson, a 14-year-old participant in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, engages in a conversation with The Unicorn on the Drive Zone. He is set to ride a UniCycle this Sunday to support CHOC (The Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa). Feel free to click on the podcast links to…
8 Mar 20 min

Marius Joubert - "I Ate A Jeep"

The unicorn engages in a conversation with author Marius Joubert, about his book titled "I Ate A Jeep." The book is about events following being run over by a Jeep Cherokee in late November 2014, during a cycling training ride. Beyond the incident itself, the narrative delves into Marius's ongoing…
5 Mar 33 min

Rolanda Alexander - Longbeach Mall Recipe Book

Judy Roberson chats with Rolanda Alexander, who is the Head of Hospitality at Fish Hoek High School and who is of the esteemed trio responsible for curating the recipes to grace the pages of the upcoming cookbook. The essence of the Longbeach Mall Recipe Book initiative lies in its call…
1 Mar 27 min

Abigail Donnelly - Longbeach Mall Recipe Book

Judy Roberson chats with Abigail Donnelly to delve into the details of the Longbeach Mall Recipe Book initiative. Abigail is the Woolworths TASTE's Food Editor, an award-winning food writer, critic, and recipe author and is one of the esteemed trio responsible for curating the recipes to grace the pages of…
23 Feb 21 min

Grant Kipling - Longbeach Mall Recipe Book

Judy Roberson chats with Grant Kipling to delve into the details of the Longbeach Mall Recipe Book initiative. Grant, from Chef Consulting Services is a Private Chef and is one of the esteemed trio responsible for curating the recipes to grace the pages of the upcoming cookbook. The essence of…
16 Feb 23 min

Matt Swindale

The Unicorn chats to Matt Swindale, a former Grade 7 teacher turned entrepreneur, on his mission to make a difference. Discover his journey from teaching at Kommetjie Primary School to founding Consistency Wins, driven by a passion for addressing the mental health needs of youth in Ocean View and Masi…
12 Feb 16 min

Jaques Van Der Merwe - Mahindra Claremont

The Unicorn chats to Jaques Van Der Merwe from Mahindra Claremont about their "Pop-Up Vehicle Showcase" taking place at Longbeach Mall on Saturday 3 February 2024.
2 Feb 22 min

Daryl Harding from The Man Alive

The Unicorn chats to Daryl Harding from The Man Alive Lifestyle Solutions on the Drive Zone. With 25 years of corporate expertise, The Man Alive (Pty) Ltd, a seasoned player, offers diverse solutions to its trading industries. Specializing in importing and distributing carefully chosen product opportunities, the company prioritizes value…
6 Dec 2023 33 min

Capella House School

In preparation for 2024 interviews on educational collaboration, the "Unicorn" engages in a conversation with Malie Ntshangase and Annemarie Gerber from Capella House School. Capella House champions the integration of heart into education, emphasizing the collective humanity shared by individuals of all ages, positions, and statuses. Focused on fostering genuine…
22 Nov 2023 31 min

All Wood Carpentry Solutions

The "Unicorn" chats to Michael Rule from All Wood Carpentry Solutions on the Drive Zone. All Wood Carpentry Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for design, manufacturing, and installation of indoor and outdoor woodworking projects. Their services cater to a diverse clientele, including homeowners, building contractors, property developers, landscapers, and…
20 Nov 2023 28 min

Ashley & Brad Searle - Manband on at the Kalk Bay Theatre

Buckle up for a sidesplitting interview hosted by "The Unicorn" on the Drive Zone, featuring Ashley and Brad Searle, the masterminds behind the uproarious "Manband" at Kalk Bay Theatre. Tune in for rib-tickling tales, outrageous characters, and a sneak peek into the hilarious world of this dynamic duo, both on…
1 Nov 2023 41 min