The sound bite

The sound bite is a monthly audio article that covers a wide range of topics spanning mental well-being, nutrition, wealth and legal, physical health, and life skills. It’s geared towards helping you take the worry out of wellness.
Monthly English South Africa Health & Fitness · Self-Improvement Narrated by Siphokazi Jonas
15 Episodes

15 Let’s unlock your pathway to sustainable success

In an effort to avoid overcommitment and burnout, there are several routes to explore. Apart from learning when to say ‘no’, our overall well-being can be supported by defining what’s important and making sure we’re taking the time to fill our own cups too. Audio reference ●
8 Feb 7 min

14 Mastering the art of new beginnings

As we step into a new year, it's the perfect time to recommit to developing the skills that can significantly improve every aspect of your life. From effective communication to good time management, our tips and journal prompts will support you in honing these skills for a more fulfilling year…
11 Jan 6 min

13 Mindful Money: A year-end reflection for financial growth

Taking a good, hard look at your financial situation and your money behaviour may not sound like the most fun you could have at this time of year. But reflecting on your financial journey is a powerful catalyst for growth. Audio reference ●
8 Dec 2023 5 min

12 How to detox digitally to reclaim mental space in a hyperconnected world

Technology has woven itself into the very fabric of our lives, offering unparalleled convenience and connectivity. However, this constant state of connectedness comes at a price. The good thing is knowing we have options – a digital detox is a deliberate and temporary disconnection from technology. Audio references
10 Nov 2023 6 min

11 Raising awareness about stroke prevention

As a medical condition, strokes affect millions of people worldwide, but many strokes can be prevented with the right knowledge and lifestyle choices. Audio references
5 Oct 2023 6 min

09 What you need to know about menopause

Menopause is a natural phase in a woman's life. Every woman goes through it, but not everyone experiences it the same way. Knowing what to expect can help you navigate this transitional stage more easily.
9 Aug 2023 5 min

08 Financial Literacy and Mental Health

Ongoing financial stress can have catastrophic consequences for your well-being and relationships. But by learning more about how to manage your money you can take back control of your wealth and health at the same time.
5 Jul 2023 6 min

07 Seven surprising ways to stretch your rands and cents

Inflation has most of us looking for ways to cut down. We’ve got some simple ways to boost your financial resilience and help ease the pressure of day-to-day expenses – without you having to give anything up. Here are seven tips to help you stretch your money.
7 Jun 2023 5 min

06 Be kind to yourself and take time to pause

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get swept along by the tides of work, responsibilities, and daily routines. We often push ourselves to do more, achieve more, and be more. This is your gentle reminder to take a moment to prioritise your holistic well-being.
10 May 2023 5 min

03 Make the change that matters: invest in yourself

We’re all trying to be more economical, but when last did you examine if and how you’re spending your energy on yourself. If you do one thing this year, be sure to fill your own cup. We’ll get you started with some ideas.
8 Feb 2023 4 min

02 Alleviate the January pinch

Despite our best intentions to spend responsibly, it’s still possible to blow the budget in a frenzy of gifting or acts of generosity. Rather than fixating on the stress that this causes, it’s time to spring into action.
4 Jan 2023 3 min