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The Third Draft Podcast

If you have ever scrolled through TikTok, Instagram, or even YouTube... you’ve probably seen some of their content on your screen. Simphiwe Mthethwa and Masheane Sefuthi have candid conversations with some of your favourite content creators about the business of content creation, their creative process, and of course, how much money they are making.
Weekly English South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals
20 Episodes

Unlocking the Secrets of Skincare with Mantombi Makhubela

A rising star in the skincare influencer world, Mantombi Makhubela joins Mash and Simphiwe to share her journey to glowing skin - from becoming a successful content creator in the skincare space, to offering insider tips and tricks to help listeners achieve their own goals. Get ready to radiate confidence…
26 Apr 2023 46 min

True Crime Stories with Tshego Paledi

Have you ever wondered about the untold stories of South African true crime? In this episode, Simphiwe and Mash chat with a YouTuber and podcaster who's dedicated to uncovering the lesser-known details of notorious cases. She also shares how her family is involved in her content, and her thoughts on…
12 Apr 2023 35 min

Behind the Beat: Exploring Music and Black Women with Phethagatso Motumi

Get ready to groove and laugh with the fabulous Phethagatso Motumi, as she joins Third Draft for season 2! Phetha is the queen of music content creation and black woman vacation vibes, and her passion for music is contagious. Listen in as she shares her insights on music curation, the…
5 Apr 2023 51 min

2022 Wrap-up

In their final show of the year, Simphiwe and Mash reflect on some of their favourite moments, what they learned, and plans for 2023. The pair are also joined by Ryan James Tinline, who usually runs the show behind the scenes.
14 Dec 2022 39 min

Finding Your Voice with Gugulethu Nyatsumba

Sharing your personal experiences, thoughts, self-doubt, and hopelessness can be rather uncomfortable. This week, Simphiwe and Mash talk to Gugulethu Nyatsumba - a YouTuber and podcaster - about receiving funding, learning to open up on public platforms, and working with a team.
7 Dec 2022 44 min

Taking a Break from Social Media with Yolz

If you have a YouTube channel, you've probably thought about walking away from it at least once! This week, Simphiwe and Mash engage with award-winning YouTuber, Yolz - who actually did just that. She unpacks her journey of initially creating hair content, to opening up about being honest with herself,…
30 Nov 2022 49 min

The Power of Saving with ZeeXOnline

In this episode, Simphiwe and Mash chat with the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion content creator known as ZeeXOnline. With over 7 million views on her YouTube channel, she opens up on how she got started, the amazing benefits of learning the skill of saving, and future plans of applying for…
23 Nov 2022 41 min

Creating Couple Content with Siza and Mzwandile

Simphiwe and Mash welcome their very first couple on the show, Siza and Mzwandile Ndlovu. With over 4.4 million views on YouTube, the two open up on how they started creating content together, suffering from social anxiety, having an engaging audience called the #GentleGiants, and the benefits of being able…
16 Nov 2022 54 min

Being a Profitable Content Creator with Thato Rampedi

This week we have a digital storyteller who enjoys bringing his memories to life. Thato Rampedi started his content creation journey in 2017, and fast forward a few years, he’s selected to be part of the YouTube Black Voices 2021 class. He opens up about his healing journey, financial stability…
9 Nov 2022 39 min

Being an Authentic Creator with Foyin Ogunrombi

This week we get to know beauty and lifestyle content creator, Foyin Ogunrombi. She shares how she got into the creator space, being intentional with your posting, and how crucial it is to be authentic... as your audience can spot when you are not being yourself!
2 Nov 2022 53 min

Create Content of Value with Zimasa Vabaza

This week the team is joined by nerdy creator Zimasa Vabaza. He sheds light on the importance of creating content of value, debunks the theory of "just starting", and shares some dos and don'ts when it comes to working with brands.
26 Oct 2022 56 min

The Importance of Learning the Craft with God's Butler

“We don’t compete, we complement” - God’s Butler. This week the team talks to Tebatso Maapola, better known as God’s Butler on TikTok and Instagram. They unpack the pressures of elevating his vlogs, learning the craft, and the importance of personalising online tutorials.
19 Oct 2022 37 min

The Creator Economy with Mash and Simphiwe

A Third Draft Special with Simphiwe and Mash. A conversation about the creator economy, remaining consistent even when life happens and feeling anxious when it comes to posting your content is had. This includes 5 tips to think about when it comes to the business side of content creation.
12 Oct 2022 33 min

Dealing with Online Jealousy with Abo Booi

“If there’s a door, then there’s a way”. This is what visual content creator and photographer Abongwe L. Booi lives by. This week we have an in-depth conversation with Abo about leveraging your niche, how expensive equipment can be, the importance of being consistent - even when no one is…
5 Oct 2022 50 min

The Dangers of being a Content Creator with Quincy

Simphiwe and Mash catch up with digital content creator Quincy Jones, whose dance went viral on TikTok last year. He gives us a life update on all the things he has been up to, how he deals with anxiety with regards to his content, and he speaks on the dangers…
28 Sep 2022 37 min

All Things Travel with Thobi Rose

South African storyteller, and travel/lifestyle content creator, Thobi Rose joins the team to unpack the realities of 'solocations', sex tourism, and how to successfully secure sponsors in order to have the best travel experience.
21 Sep 2022 39 min

Primo Baloyi on Becoming Consistent on Social Media

Primo Baloyi is a social media superstar, known for his funny videos on TikTok, which have secured his position in the pop culture landscape. The team chats to him about his upbringing, what inspires him, and how he continuously stays on top of his content creation game.
14 Sep 2022 38 min

Dennis Ngango on telling thought-provoking African stories

We chat with Dennis Ngango and learn all about how he turned an idea and vision into a hub for thought-provoking and empowering African content. Defining Media is a digital media publisher founded by Dennis in 2015 with the mission to unleash the potential of Africa’s youth through compelling, creative…
7 Sep 2022 23 min

The Realities of being a Content Creator with Paballo Kgware

A TikTok superstar who is famously known as 'the rich makoti' - Paballo Kgware joins us as our very first guest! She talks about her so-called 'solo dates', and how she loves to romanticise love, how tough it can get financially, and the impact of negative comments on one's mental…
31 Aug 2022 22 min

Welcome to The Third Draft Podcast

If you have ever scrolled through TikTok, Instagram, or even YouTube... you’ve probably seen some of their content on your screen. Simphiwe Mthethwa and Masheane Sefuthi have candid conversations with some of your favourite content creators about the business of content creation, their creative process, and of course, how much…
31 Aug 2022 1 min