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US Interest Rate pauses and the impact on the Economy

Bryan Habana joins us as we take a deep dive into the evolving landscape of US monetary policy. We dissect the sequence of 10 consecutive interest rate hikes since March 2022, explore what it means for inflation that seems to finally be taking a breath, and examine the subdued pace…
26 Jun 2023 14 min

Markets are Lit, Partner tells it all

This week, we unpack the debt dilemma and what happens when nations borrow too much. We delve into the complex world of high national debt, debt ceilings, and how raising them can impact economic growth and social investment. For this we are joined by Kearabilwe Nonyana - a financial markets…
5 Jun 2023 11 min

Q1 Earnings Season in Full Swing

Q1 2023 Earnings Season is upon us, with companies like JP Morgan, Nestle, Johnson & Johnso, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and more all releasing earnings. Dylan Bester joins us to share what opportunities this earnings season has to offer, the latest on US inflation, and what to look out for within…
2 May 2023 13 min

Bryan Habana’s Trading Journey

Rugby legend Bryan Habana is back to give us an update on his trading journey... sharing his insights into strategy adaptations with recent market volatility. He also answers some rugby related questions from the audience.
24 Apr 2023 12 min

Another “Too Big to Fail”?

Finalto and Chief Market Analyst, Neil Wilson, unpacks the shaky banking conditions following SVB's collapse. Can we expect another financial crisis? What kind of policy moves will the Fed make next?
27 Mar 2023 15 min

Trade like a Champion, Play like a Champion

Widely regarded as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time, Bryan Habana is a world champion who holds multiple sporting accolades and is famously known for racing against the fastest land mammal. He joins us this week to give us insights into his trading journey.
13 Mar 2023 14 min

Earnings Season: What's moving Markets?

Stocks and indices have done really well kicking off 2023. With reports and updates from big tech, mining companies, financial services and retailers (to name a few), there have certainly been some big winners already. As earnings season closes, Dylan Bester - Co-Founder and Director at Skycastle International investments and…
27 Feb 2023 14 min

The Squeeze

The beginning of the year has been marred by widespread rolling blackouts and rising global interest rates. Join us as we delve into the key factors expected to be addressed in the South African budget speech, and examine their impact on both traders and consumers. To register an account, click…
13 Feb 2023 14 min in Partnership with...

This week, our special guest is well regarded as one of the greatest sportsmen of our time. Internationally recognised with more awards and accolades than can be mentioned in a single breath, he is famously known for racing against the fastest land mammal. is incredibly excited to announce their…
30 Jan 2023 26 min

Africa is our Home

2022 was certainly a year for volatility and unexpected movers. Solomon Gounden - Managing Director of Finalto South Africa, and a global markets specialist, trader, and seasoned banker - joins us to recap some of the key moments and surprises of the last year, as well as what lessons we…
16 Jan 2023 18 min

Crypto: Bubble or a Fundamental Crash?

The crypto market has experienced some swings over the last period. Is the bubble about to burst, or is this a fundamental crash? Co-founder and Director at Skycastle International investments, Dylan Bester gives us some insight.
21 Nov 2022 17 min

What's Moving the Markets?

Get expert analysis of market movements and macro-economic trends on this week's edition of Markets Mondays. Neil Wilson, Chief Market Analyst at and Finalto, joins Gareth Cliff for an in-depth discussion around the state of the global environment, economic trends, and what’s moving the markets.
7 Nov 2022 16 min

Trading the Silly Season

The silly season is upon us. Don’t be left out on the wrong side of a trade. Simon Brown joins the team to tell us what to look for, and what to prepare for during this period. Simon is a partner with - and a trader, investor and market…
17 Oct 2022 22 min

The Global Economy

This week we have an in-depth discussion on the state of the global environment, economic trends, and what’s moving the markets. Joining Gareth Cliff is Neil Wilson, Chief Market Analyst at and Finalto, to tell us more.
3 Oct 2022 14 min Partnership Program

Business is better when it's done with a partner you can trust. Join a global brand with a global network of partners - providing exceptional support, unique commercial deals, and an unparalleled relationship experience. Gareth Cliff chats to Dylan Bester, Co-Founder and Director at Skycastle International Investments, and a business…
19 Sep 2022 17 min

Are we blowing up?

Soaring rates, increased energy and oil prices, skyrocketing inflation and a potential for global recessionary outlook... it’s natural to ask if we're blowing up! What should traders be preparing for in this environment? Learn more about the tools and insights they can provide so that you can react (and even…
5 Sep 2022 17 min

Trader Profile & Brokers Accountability

It is said that knowledge is power... and at, they strive to place that power in your hands. Through their unparalleled, comprehensive and easy to use trading platform, expert insights and research - traders are empowered to execute their strategies effectively in all market conditions. Gareth Cliff speaks to…
22 Aug 2022 16 min

Introducing Markets Mondays

Whether you’re a new trader looking for a safe place to start, or an experienced trader looking for low spreads, multi assets and high tech - you’ll find suits you perfectly. Solomon Gounden joins us to tell us more.
8 Aug 2022 13 min