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As an entrepreneurial leader, you will deal with a leadership crisis or problem at multiple points on your entrepreneurial journey. This series is called “Small-Business Leadership” and not just “Leadership” because there is a stark difference between personal, small business and big business leadership. At the heart of the series is how entrepreneurs have to change the way they lead as they evolve from a startup to a corporation.
This podcast series offers practical tools and insights on how to constantly evolve and adapt your leadership style as your business grows.

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Leading Leaders

As the CEO of an organisation, you will at some point need to hand over some of the reigns to other leaders within your business. Sharing the load can be scary, but it is a necessary step in scaling your business.
These leaders come with their own personality, own ideas, may be more experienced than you, or perhaps just starting on their own leadership journey. How do you manage these relationships effectively? How do you guide them on their leadership journey while maintaining the company culture? How do you ensure the bigger picture of your vision filters down strategically? If you are brave enough on your journey in learning to lead your leaders, you may end up changing the face of your business forever.

Join Allon Raiz in the final instalment of his Small Business Leadership podcast as he discusses how to shift your mindset when leading leaders.

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Leading Others

Congratulations! Your business is doing well and you’re growing every day. You’ve decided to employ more people to fill in competency gaps, but . . . are you about to hit the ‘valley of death’?
Every growing business hits three tripwires as it begins to scale – three points when a leader will realise he or she has bitten off more than they can chew. At each of these points, a leader has a very important decision to make: learn and grow with the organisation, or keep the status quo and crumble. These necessary shifts for growth can leave even the most confident leader feeling incompetent and overwhelmed.
In episode five of his Small Business Leadership podcast series, Allon discusses the changing dynamics of leading others as an organisation scales. Listen in to hear if any of these scenarios are your current reality.
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Leading strategy

As a small business leader do you know your why, your purpose for existence? Do you have a vision? Do you have a distinct strategy to reach that vision?
Many entrepreneurs start out with grand visions for their business but as time goes on this vision gets lost as the focus shifts to short-term monthly survival. Without purpose in your business, your why is hard to answer. Without your why, your vision is not clear and your strategic path cannot be plotted. With no strategy in place to reach your vision, you cannot anticipate what could go wrong (and things will go wrong!) Have you thought out your plan B, C and D? Are you aware of the resources realistically available to you? Can you respond to your changing environment quickly and efficiently, or are your employee’s losing confidence in you as a leader?
Smaller businesses feel the ripples of the environment more than bigger businesses and need to be more responsive to self-correct swiftly. Join Allon as he discusses why it is so important to have a clear strategy about the path we lead others along.


In episode 3, Allon discusses the importance of self-leadership as a successful entrepreneurial leader. He details four focus areas that one needs to understand before trying to lead others. One – Self-awareness: understand your own biases and what clouds your judgement. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and surround yourself with people you trust to fill the gaps. Two – Self-improvement: Great! Now you know where to improve, so do it! Create a plan of action and seek out critique and feedback. Three – Self-motivation: In seeking motivation, entrepreneurs need to look internally and not externally – Allon shares his unique way of motivating himself. Four- Self-discipline wraps up these four concepts and pulls together how with clear thinking, entrepreneurs can easily say no an opportunity that does not actually serve them. The success to every leader, is self-leadership.

Leadership vs a small business

In this episode, Allon discusses the difference between leadership and management and what each of the two roles entails. He explains why, as an entrepreneur, you should always be leading and managing simultaneously. Allon offers practical examples to illustrate how to differentiate between the two, and discusses the other side of leadership and management – criticism.
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Intro Episode: Who is this for?

As your business grows and faces more and more challenges, you should grow and learn with it. In this introductory episode of the Small Business Leadership podcast series, Allon Raiz offers context around leadership in a small business and sets the stages for the episodes to follow.
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