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My Peeping Light Podcast

A podcast that discusses finding the light in the midst of darkness. I take you with me on my journey of self expression and discovery as I navigate my way through healing and life's challenges, finding the courage to face the world as well as myself.
I am Tammy - Lynn Murphy and I am truly blessed that I get this opportunity to share my experiences with you in the hope of making even the slightest positive shift in you and in the world.
Weekly English South Africa Personal Journals · Self-Improvement
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One Level Up

Every step we take in a positive direction, no matter how small, levels us up. Every step counts, so lets level up together!
28 Jul 22 min

Me vs It

In this podcast I talk about me vs the external world. Realising that I am not my material achievements or failures and neither are you.
30 Jan 11 min

Self Acceptance

Realizing that accepting myself for the me that I am now has been eye opening and I share these thought with you in this episode.
22 Sep 2022 21 min

My Next Chapter

In this episode I talk about pushing through the boundaries of comfort and starting new chapters of growth in life. I talk about my plans to continue creating new platforms and what those are all about. Live your best life Love and light
26 Aug 2022 18 min

Value in now

The value of right now is something that is worth talking about. Many of us hold tightly to the past or live in the future prospects failing to live their lives right now. This podcast focuses on the value of the steps we take now, today, in this very moment.
27 Jul 2022 20 min


This episode focuses on taking the time to stop and pause when life gets overwhelming. It highlights the importance of spending time with yourself and how to reach your full potential.
27 Jul 2022 23 min

Loosen the grip

This podcast talks to the reality of having to let go of those things or people that no longer help you and become the things that are hurting you. Tune in to hear what I have to say about my journey of loosening my grip and my perspective about letting…
7 Jul 2022 18 min

Too Much Information

This Episode talks to being spammed with information because the world has become one that force-feeds you information instead of allowing you to ease into growth on your own terms. Have a listen to hear what I have to say.
1 Jul 2022 26 min

Comfort in uncomfortable places

This podcast discusses finding comfort in comfortable spaces and not allowing what is happening around you to disturb you inner peace.
1 Jun 2022 13 min

My reason why.

This podcast episode focuses on why I started writing in the first place and why I continue to do so. Overcoming fear and walking bravely towards your true self, that is why.
19 May 2022 22 min

Every little adjustment counts

This podcast episode talks about making the little adjustments now to create the changes to wish to see in the future.
18 May 2022 21 min

Morning and night time routines

This podcast highlights the importance of a good morning and night time routine as well as the struggles to make them happen.
12 May 2022 21 min

Focusing on the truth

This podcast talks about how focusing on the truth has helped me to pull myself out of the negative spaces I sometimes find myself in.
11 May 2022 32 min

Making room for more

This podcast episode talks about leaving behind what does not serve you anymore in order to create space for what does. Enjoy!
25 Apr 2022 22 min


In the blink of an eye everything can change, there's nothing like a natural disaster to help you to remember to humble yourself because we really are not in control of everything. This Podcast covers the flooding that occurred in Kwa-Zulu Natal and my perspective of the lessons that I…
21 Apr 2022 19 min

Walk your own path

We all cam into this world alone and we will leave this world alone. So when we leave this world we have to be at peace with the choices that we have made for ourselves. This Podcast talks to the concept of respecting the path that individuals choose for themselves.
7 Apr 2022 19 min

More yes, Less no

Say yes to your dreams and No to your limitations. This episode takes you on a journey to embracing yes.
1 Apr 2022 38 min

Life will never be the same

I attended Tony Robbins UPW ( Unleash the Power within) this weekend. This podcast expresses the importance of investing in yourself and how taking a leap of faith can change your life forever.
23 Mar 2022 24 min

Keep Going

Giving up is the easier option. This podcast talks to not giving up and to keep going, keep pushing through , even if your mind keeps working against you and reminding you why you should. This podcast reminds you why you should and why you should never stop trying.
11 Mar 2022 29 min

Intentional Living

Don't worry about tomorrow, it will come, and you will face it when it does. Don't look back unless it's to smile, to learn or to improve. Forgive both yourself and others because in the end grudges die along with people. So what's the point in holding onto them. Tomorrow…
24 Feb 2022 18 min
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