One Level Up

Every step we take in a positive direction, no matter how small, levels us up. Every step counts, so lets level up together!
28 Jul English South Africa Personal Journals · Self-Improvement

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Me vs It

In this podcast I talk about me vs the external world. Realising that I am not my material achievements or failures and neither are you.
30 Jan 11 min

Self Acceptance

Realizing that accepting myself for the me that I am now has been eye opening and I share these thought with you in this episode.
22 Sep 2022 21 min

My Next Chapter

In this episode I talk about pushing through the boundaries of comfort and starting new chapters of growth in life. I talk about my plans to continue creating new platforms and what those are all about. Live your best life Love and light
26 Aug 2022 18 min

Value in now

The value of right now is something that is worth talking about. Many of us hold tightly to the past or live in the future prospects failing to live their lives right now. This podcast focuses on the value of the steps we take now, today, in this very moment.
27 Jul 2022 20 min