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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone. Recent surveys have shown that depression, anxiety and suicides have increased the world over since the pandemic began - disruption to daily routines and to the economy have impacted our lives in ways that will live way beyond the lockdowns.

"The world is going through tremendous chaos and change, and individuals and corporates are trying to adapt to this change with little or no guide or reference point. What is the public 'bidding' for? Emotional stability? Consistency? Answers? Hope? Leadership? A blueprint? An escape?"

That’s according to Dr Hanan Bushkin - renowned psychologist and head of the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic in Johannesburg. Dr Bushkin has worked for more than 18 years on the problem of behavioural patterns and its effect on mood and cognition, as well as in frontline crisis intervention and organisational training.

Gareth Cliff and CliffCentral have teamed up with Dr Bushkin to tackle mental wellbeing in the “new normal” and looking to the future with this weekly podcast - broadcast live on The Gareth Cliff Show every Monday and available on the CliffCentral website, app and YouTube (or wherever you get your podcasts) at your convenience.

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The 51/49 Rule

Alison joins the show to talk to Dr Hanan Bushkin about moving to another country. He shares tips on how to process all the emotions during the stress of a relocation, which involves a new home, job and country.

Adjusting back to ‘Normal Life’

With so many people struggling to readjust to ‘normal life’ with the lifting of the mask mandate, Dr Hanan Bushkin joins the team to shed some light on why people are struggling with this, and he gives us some tips on how to bounce back.

The Different Types of Workplace Bullying

‘Wounded at Work’ sent us an email about the bullying in the workplace that she is experiencing. Dr Hanan Buskhin sheds light on the 4 different types of bullying, why bullying occurs, and how to overcome it in the workplace.

How to Build Trust again

This week we received an email from a listener about her cheating partner. Dr Hanan Bushkin shares his expert opinion on how building trust is a two-way process, and that as adults we shouldn’t be governed by our emotions.

Being Gaslit in a Relationship

Michelle joins the show with a problem that is probably quite common in many relationships. She has been married for 10 years and strongly believes that her husband is depressed and she would love to get some insight from Dr Hanan on how she can try to approach her husband, get him the help he needs, and get her husband to admit that there could be an issue.

The Lure of an Affair

Dr Hanan Bushkin shares his expert advice when it comes to having an affair with a married person. He talks about cheating and the emotional attachments that come with it.

No Romance without Finance?

Aspasia Karras, editor-at-large of Sunday Times Lifestyle, recently wrote an article about how the French press is reporting that Prince Albert of Monaco is paying Princess Charlene a sum of over €10m (R169m) per year to stay in her miserable marriage. Can there really be “no romance without finance”? Dr Hanan Bushkin shares his expert opinion on the matter.

Dealing with Mental Blocks

Claire is a 16-year-old gymnast who wanted advice about how she can deal with a mental block. Dr Hanan Bushkin shares some simple tips on how to approach these obstacles, and how to overcome them.

How to Deal with an Absent Father

This week our very own Lebang Kgosana needs some advice from Dr Hanan Bushkin. She would like to know how to deal with the previously absent father of her oldest son, who wanted to come back into his life earlier this year, but is already letting them down again - how can she protect her son from this pain that is obviously on its way?

Why Do Women Cheat?

When the topic of cheating is brought up, most people tend to look at men. This week, Dr Hanan Bushkin unpacks why women cheat. He shares insights on how men and women define cheating, how committed relationships require work, and the reality of people fearing being alone.

How to Deal with Irrational Fears

Ever felt super confident one moment and suddenly plagued with feelings of fear and anxiety the next? Willem joins the show to talk to Dr Hanan Bushkin about dealing with irrational fears. Dr Hanan shares tips on how to deal with moments like that, and the importance of creating a framework.

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