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Thursday Live

Thursday Live is a unique programme on Radio Pulpit with a focus on empowering listeners for the business world. Experts and entrepreneurs share their stories intending to encourage and bring hope. The programme aims to provide an answer to the high unemployment rate that our country faces. The show is in English & Tswana.
Weekly English South Africa Christianity · Business
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How to handle fame

Fabian McCarthy a former football player talks about, how to handle fame.
17 Nov 2022 24 min

Repossession court cases

Mr Elias Shamatla shares with us some of the repossession court cases he dealt with during the week helping the consumers not to loose their properties.
10 Nov 2022 24 min

Repossession cases

Mr Elias Shamatla talks about what to do when facing repossession cases.
27 Oct 2022 21 min

Debit order campaign

Pastor Charles van Onselen talks about the debit order campaign at Radio Pulpit.
27 Oct 2022 15 min
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