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Listeners tune in for Heart and Soul to receive encouragement and to be with a companion that brings them a message of hope. Whether the presenter himself shares, or a guest joins in on the conversation, you will always find a good dose of encouragement, revelation and Truth.
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Prayer 22

The characteristics of an intercessor 4 Sizwe Zuma continues explaining and expanding on the topic of characteristics of an intercessor. Point 3. you must have a repentant heart as an intercessor. 4. Be a person of faith. Luke 10 : 27 Jeremiah 4 : 4
1 Sep 5AM 9 min

Prayer 21

Sizwe Zuma speaks about the characteristics of an intercessor 3. What are the characteristics of an intercessor? 1. You must love God; an intercessor is a worshipper of God. people who obsess with the presence of God. 2. An intercessor must love people.
1 Sep 5AM 9 min

Risen with Christ

Pastor Sello Masingi says we must order our life around God's throne daily. We need to add positive qualities to our life, we must meditate on praiseworthy things, then our future will be bright. Colossian 3 : 1 - 4
1 Sep 4AM 7 min

Meet Jairus - Great father

Luke 8 : 40 - 56 When faced with trials in our lives like Jairus, we must act in faith like he did. Pastor Sello Masingi says we should not fear but only believe and go to Christ, and all will be well. Faith in Christ is always the answer…
1 Sep 4AM 7 min

Fishers of men #1

Pastor Lindiwe Mamabolo talks about an invite Jesus gives in being fishers of man. We are invited as we are, with our mistakes and flaws, He called Peter and Andrew as they were. Mark 1 : 17
28 Aug 6AM 14 min

Prayer 20

Sizwe Zuma continues to unpack the theme "The characteristics of an intercessor 2" An intercessor represents God in the Earth realm, in order to enforce His will in the spirit realm. Psalm 115 : 16 Matthew 6 : 10 For God to intervine in the World, He has to go…
28 Aug 6AM 10 min

Prayer 19

Sizwe Zuma speaks about the characteristic of an intercessor. What is an intercessor? Is a priest that mediates between God and man through prayer and supplications. 1 Peter 2 : 9
28 Aug 6AM 10 min

Faith for family crises

Pastor Sello Masing says we should imitate the characteristic of the Canaanite woman's faith, by putting away our pride, worship, and receive our help from Christ. She received mercy, even as people don't understand what you're going through but be persistent. God will meet you where you are in your…
28 Aug 6AM 7 min

An invitation to abundant life

Pastor Sello Masingi talks about an invitation to abundant life (The free offer of the gospel) We are reading about two groups of people, 1. The poor, the broke and hungry; to come enjoy the banquet of salvation. 2. The self-sufficient, the ones who have money and live in mansions…
8 Aug 4AM 8 min

Saved by the power of God

Pastor Sello Masingi talks about a man who was saved by the power of God. All our needs can be met if we believe. John 5 : 2 - 5; 8
8 Aug 4AM 7 min

Not ashamed of the Gospel

Paul gives us a clear declaration of the power of the gospel. Pastor Sello Masingi explains the scripture, and talks about the power and the sovereignty of God. Romans 1 :16 - 17
26 Jul 5AM 7 min

An invitation to abundant life

Isaiah 55: 1 - 3 Pastor Sello Masingi speaks about an invitation that God gives freely to all man, the unworthy, the poor, to enjoy the banquet of salvation.
21 Jul 7AM 8 min

Saved by the power of God

Pastor Sello Masingi teaches about the power of God, the healing power, saving power and enabling power to do anything. John 5: 2 - 5, 8
21 Jul 7AM 7 min

God is not a God of formula but a God of faith

Pastor George Modupe is talking about a God of faith, explains what faith is, and how it comes/ operates. Emotions and felling's are always contrary to what God is doing in our lives.
21 Jul 5AM 9 min

Maintain what God has blessed you with

Pastor George Medupe talks about having a responsibility of taking care of yourself, favor has to be maintained through wisdom of knowing how to maximise what God has blessed you with. John 5
21 Jul 5AM 8 min

Opposition is not a dead end

Pastor George Medupe talks about opposition. There is no destiny without intense opposition, without opposition your destiny cannot be activated.
21 Jul 5AM 9 min

Prayer 18

Pastor Sizwe Zuma talks about church intercession 3 Ministry of worship, and intercession are the most attacked ministries. Intercessors need to continually pray and cover their leaders. James 5 :17
21 Jul 4AM 10 min

Prayer 17

Pastor Sizwe Zuma continues talking about Prayer in a setup of a church intercession 2 1 Timothy 2 : 1 - 2 God will intervene as we start to pray.
21 Jul 4AM 10 min

Prayer 16

Pastor Sizwe Zuma talks about prayer. Church intercession 1 (over the nation)/ Prayer in the church service. We need God to intervene in our country, in our nation. Acts 4: 24
21 Jul 4AM 10 min
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