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Listeners tune in for Heart and Soul to receive encouragement and to be with a companion that brings them a message of hope. Whether the presenter himself shares, or a guest joins in on the conversation, you will always find a good dose of encouragement, revelation and Truth.
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Meet my good Samaritan

Pastor Sello Masingi talks about the good Samaritan, was the person who had mercy upon the man that was halfdead and robbed on the side of the road. After a priest and Levite passed the downtrodden man, showing him no mercy or compassion, the Samaritan took care of him and…
1 Dec 6AM 7 min

Light of the World 2

Pastor Lindiwe Mamabolo talks about the light of the World. John 8 : 12 There's light that brings life. Jesus says I am the light of the World... Speak the light in your life.
30 Nov 3AM 16 min

Light of the World 1

Pastor Lindiwe Mamabolo talks about the light of the World; the light is very important. Jesus says "I am the light of the world, and anyone who believes in me will not stumble". John 8 : 12
21 Nov 4AM 15 min

The joy of giving and receiving

Pastor Sello Masingi talks about benefits of giving, that it brings order to your life and finances, it demonstrates that God has first place in your life, it stretches your faith, it reminds you that you are not in control but God is, you get to celebrate when lives are…
21 Nov 4AM 7 min

All about Christian giving

Pastor Sello Masingi talks about God in His grace, is able to provide abundantly so that every believer has all they need at all times and in all ways to abound in whatever good work supernaturally God has assigned for them. 2 Corinthians 9 : 7 - 9
21 Nov 4AM 7 min

Prayer 31

Pastor Sizwe Zuma continues in the series of prayer, preparing yourself for fasting and prayer 2. 1. Exercise connecting with God through prayer, even if it's short prayers. 2. The impact of music, you need to invest in music that lifts up His name, cultivating the habit of immersing yourself…
21 Nov 3AM 10 min

Prayer 29

Pastor Sizwe Zuma continues with the series of prayer, looking into prayer and fasting. When it's not God propelling you, but it's a situation where you're the one planning to separate yourself to seek the Lord, therefore you have to prepare for that. Fasting is the act of humbling yourself…
21 Nov 3AM 10 min

Prayer 30

Pastor Sizwe Zuma is still on the prayer series, and today he's talking about preparing yourself for fasting & prayer, preparing the spirit man (intuition, conscience and communion). We are a spirit having a soul and living in a body, therefore when planning a fast, you have to prepare all…
21 Nov 3AM 10 min

I am the true vine

Pastor Sello Masingi talks about just as the branches must be connected to the vine before they can produce fruit, you and I must stay connected to Jesus to produce the good fruit that God expect of us, if we keep our life connected to Jesus, we will grow. Our…
8 Nov 6AM 7 min

Prayer 28

Sizwe Zuma talks about Prayer and fasting. What is fasting? fasting is the volunteer and deliberate obstinance from food for the purpose of consecrated prayer. Matthew 6 : 16 - 18
8 Nov 6AM 10 min

Prayer 27

Sizwe Zuma talks about prayer - The marks of an intercessor. Silver processing, preparation goes 7 times in fire because of where it's going. Psalms 66 : 10 - 12
8 Nov 5AM 10 min

God, the consuming fire

Seipati Ester Mokgethi talks about God, the consuming fire. Caring the presence of God; You will look for me, search for me and you will find me, when you look for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29 Exodus 19 : 10 - 21
7 Nov 2AM 17 min

Blood of God the son

Seipati Ester Mokgethi talks about better preparation of our vessels/ our flesh, putting it under surrender before the most high God. Consecration. Exodus 19 : 10 - 21 Isaiah 42 : 8 - 9
7 Nov 2AM 16 min

Attitude of service in service

Seipati Ester Mokgethi talks about the attitude of service in service unto the most high God. Truthfulness of heart is what God desires. Psalm 51 : 10 -
7 Nov 2AM 16 min

Condition of hearts

Seipati Ester Mokgethi articulates the seeds that we should have in us, the kind of attitude of heart that God is looking for. Mark 4 : 3
7 Nov 12AM 16 min

Preparing for the Glory of God

Seipati Ester Mokhethi is looking and navigating on the glory of God, what it means to be blessed with the glory of God? that we can walk in the presence of God or see (the manifestation of signs and wonders) and hear God speaking to us. 1 Corinthian 6: 1…
25 Oct 6AM 16 min

Job's pain as example of restoration

Seipati Ester Mokhethi talks about the book of Exodus 14: 31 Colossians 1 We walk in wisdom, and that is a link to God, stand on what God has said to you. When God destroyed the enemies of the worshipers of the most-high God Esrael, they feared and worshiped God.
25 Oct 5AM 16 min

Destruction and sinking of the enemy

Seipati Ester Mokhethi talks about faith being tested on the needs. Exodus 14: 10 - 12 There're challenges with needs. Look and access if you are not saying the same things the children of Esrael said when they were faced with challenges as Pharaoh pursued them.
25 Oct 5AM 14 min

The enemy destroyed

Seipati Ester Mokhethi talks about the book of Exodus 14 : 13 "The Egyptians you see toady, you will never see them again". God delivered them from the flesh(carnality) and dependance on their own strength and ability to work, and gain, make and save.... but God now moved them into…
25 Oct 4AM 15 min

Persuance and deliverance

Are we doing what we were called for? Seipati Ester Mokhethi says we going to see the deliverance as dependent on us; and not being baby Christians but being the Christians who are seeking the voice of God so that we can do what the voice of God says. We've…
25 Oct 4AM 16 min
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