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Het jy vrae oor die lewe, God, of die Bybel? Indien wel, is Skriftuurlik met Wynand & Pastoor Rocky op Radiokansel die platform om dit te vra. Luisteraars stuur vrae direk na die ateljee via WhatsApp. Aanbieders Wynand Rossouw en Pastoor Rocky Stevenson poog dan om hierdie vrae te beantwoord. Die doel van die program is om antwoorde uit die Bybel te vind oor kwessies waarmee mense in hul alledaagse lewens sukkel.

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How do you eliminate bad thoughts?

“How do you eliminate any bad thoughts from your mind or create a good habit of speaking with life and not criticism? Another question our team answered: Someone suffering from panic attacks and depression and what the Word says in this regard

"Your time to die" A biblical perspective

Dear Wynand an Rockie. "It is always said that when you die it was your time to die. Can it be true? Is it your time to die when you
are murdered
are shot dead
are killed in a car accident
are washed away in a river and drown
are poisoned by eating food someone gave you
Please explain. Thank you."

Can one be a Christian by simply growing up in a Christian home?

What does Genesis 6:1-2 mean and was the sons of God angels having intercourse with humans resulting in the Nephilim?
Got a question on if infant baptism is biblical, from Bettie. and what does it mean to be born again like Timothy what does the bible tell us about his conversion or did he just simply grow up in a Christian environment

Can I lose my salvation if i continue sinning against God?

These are some of the questions we received today, quickly touching on the biblical answer to cremation again, also looking at tithes and what the new testament has to say about tithing . Does the bible give us any instruction to pray to Jesus' mother Mary and can she act as an intercessor for believers. thank you for listening to this program and don't forget to search the scriptures to see if the answers we give here correspond with Gods Word . Acts 17 :11

Is Halloween mentioned in the Bible ?

Wynand Rossouw and Rocky Stevenson discuss questions sent in by listeners. In this programme they look at what the Bible says about why certain books are included in the Bible, the talk about Halloween and its origins, and they discuss the wearing of crosses as jewellery.

What is the correct day for the church to worship God

what does the Bible mean by vain repetition like the hypocrites when we pray and can i anoint a dead body and pray the blood of Jesus over the corpse.... what does the bible say in this regard are some of the very interesting questions we received today

According to the Bible is the earth round or flat...

Starting with a very interesting question about Genesis 6:9 and Genesis 7:2 about Gods instruction on the animals to be taken abort . Another question we got today enquires about communicating with the death and what the Word has to say about it.

What does it mean to "resist the devil and he will flee?"

Juanita Venter asked “ Hi, I got Ephesians 4:4 in a dream last night, repeatedly. How do I understand the verses meaning in my life.”
Natasha asked.
“What does the bible say about speaking in tongues? Is it a gift from the Holy Spirit? Can your pastor pray for you to receive this gift? 1 Cor 14:2-28 is there other scriptures on this?”
Alinda Eland.
“Morning Rocky and Wynand, in Matthew 27:51b “the earth shook, rocks split apart, v52 “ the graves broke open, and many of God’s people who had died, were raised to life v53 they left the graves, and after Jesus rose from the dead, they went into the Holy City, were many people saw them: who were these people, also John? Did Jesus go with them?
No church every talks about this historical happening. Regards, Alinda Eland.

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