Het jy vrae oor die lewe, God, of die Bybel? Indien wel, is Skriftuurlik met Wynand & Pastoor Rocky op Radiokansel die platform om dit te vra. Luisteraars stuur vrae direk na die ateljee via WhatsApp. Aanbieders Wynand Rossouw en Pastoor Rocky Stevenson poog dan om hierdie vrae te beantwoord. Die doel van die program is om antwoorde uit die Bybel te vind oor kwessies waarmee mense in hul alledaagse lewens sukkel.
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Shrewd as a snake and gentle as a dove what does the Bible mean by this

According to scripture, is Jesus' name actually Jeshua from the Hebrew, and are we disrespecting him when calling Him Jesus, or worse yet are we guilty of idol worship and breaking the command of God to not take His name in vain (Exodus 20:7)? What are the biblical truths of the Gospel? I've…
16 May 48 min

How reliable is the Bible?

John 7:53-8:11 and Mark 16:9-19 are not found in the earliest manuscripts of the Bible but have been included in most modern versions - why is this? Where did they come from? How did they end up in our modern translations, and how does this affect the reliability of the…
9 May 46 min

Christians and alcohol

what does the bible say with regards to Christians drinking Alcohol and in the new heaven and earth who will be in heaven and who will be on the earth are some of the questions we received today in our listener's participation program call scriptural
18 Apr 42 min

Lev 7:36 six offerings some with strange names why ?

Is there a difference between idols and orthodox icons More wynand en rocky verduidelik groot asb die toring van babel die mense sou seker lik ni tot in hemel kon bou of verstaan ek verkeerd hierdie is van die luisteraars vrae wat ons vandag ontvang het
4 Apr 44 min

Was Ashbury a revival measured by biblical standards

What do you think about the Asbury revival, is it a biblical revival? Morning 😁Skriftuurlik Q pls: wrestling with 2 Cor.4:4 - the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers”. But God sovereignly controls all including Satan. Some interpret this to give satan more power than he…
14 Mar 46 min

About dreams, visions and discernment

Good idea or God idea, and how do I discern visions, dreams, and thoughts? Pastor Edward Kaniah standing in for Rocky Stevenson answers these and other difficult questions from God's Word this morning
7 Mar 45 min

If it wasn't God's will why did it happen?

I struggle with this: Death is inevitable but we were told at church that, lets say you were brutally murdered... be it shot, stabbed or whatever the case it was not GOD's will If it was not his WILL why did he allow to happen Please can you clarify for…
21 Feb 48 min

God's command to be fruitful and contraception

In Genesis 1:22, just after the flood of Noah in Genesis 9:1 God commands man to be fruitful and multiply. But based on the way the world is going and how close the rapture is, should we still have children today, and what about contraception?
14 Feb 45 min

Will God forgive those who commit suicide ?

other questions we received are I’m battling with Matt 27:52-53.. at Jesus’ crucifixion some saints were raised from the dead and then went into the cities and appeared to many … and then? They lived again in their flesh and bones bodies until they died physically again? What was the…
31 Jan 47 min

What does the bible say about the death penalty?

Skriftuurlik question 🙋‍♀️ is the abolition of Capital punishment a violation of God’s law. Gen 9:5..and for your lifeblood I will require a reckoning; from every beast I will require it and from man. How do animals give a reckoning ? Is their reckoning laid out in Exodus 21 ?…
17 Jan 48 min

Did Adam and Eve know about Satan and his schemes ?

Join us this morning as we start the year fresh with a whole lot of new and thought provoking questions to make us delve into God's Word to find the answers to these and other questions that you might have
10 Jan 45 min

is there error's in Gods Word'

Merle from Benoni. asks the gospel accounts of Jesus healing the blind as he went through Jericho report them differently: Matt 20:29-30 says He healed two blind men as he left Jericho; Mark 10:46 says He healed one blind man as he left Jericho and Luke 18:35 says He healed…
13 Dec 2022 48 min

How do you eliminate bad thoughts?

“How do you eliminate any bad thoughts from your mind or create a good habit of speaking with life and not criticism? Another question our team answered: Someone suffering from panic attacks and depression and what the Word says in this regard
6 Dec 2022 47 min

"Your time to die" A biblical perspective

Dear Wynand an Rockie. "It is always said that when you die it was your time to die. Can it be true? Is it your time to die when you are murdered are shot dead are killed in a car accident are washed away in a river and drown are…
29 Nov 2022 47 min

Can one be a Christian by simply growing up in a Christian home?

What does Genesis 6:1-2 mean and was the sons of God angels having intercourse with humans resulting in the Nephilim? Got a question on if infant baptism is biblical, from Bettie. and what does it mean to be born again like Timothy what does the bible tell us about his…
22 Nov 2022 47 min
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