Colourful is a music programme on Radio Pulpit that celebrates Gospel music. Your presenter is the talented Janine van Niekerk, an expert in South-African Gospel music industry. She is also the manager of the SAMA-award winning Afrikaans gospel artist, Retief Burger.
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Wonder Co encourages the creative

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Werner and Ruth Katz, as well as Zaretha van Wyk about a new movement that encourages creatives to create well, and gives them the platform to be heard.
23 Sep 25 min

Carlissa - Kyk na My

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Carlissa all the way from Mosselbay about accounting, swimming, her love for music and her contentment in Jesus. Her new song is called "Kyk na My."
16 Sep 15 min

Beyond Music: We will sing

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Lindri Atkins and Jason Ferreira from Beyond Music about their ministry as well as their new song "We Will Sing".
9 Sep 25 min

Bianca de Bruyn is holding on

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Bianca de Bruyn about her new song "Hou Vas" (Hold on), regarding the joys and sorrows of the challenges she faces every day as a wife, a mom, a business woman as well as someone diagnosed with AS.
2 Sep 23 min

ENFC - I'll Be Still

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Jacques Olivier and Gilliaum Nel about the stunning music coming out of ENFC in Potchefstroom, including their new song "I'll Be Still."
26 Aug 24 min

Lighthouse: Smaak en sien

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Wilma from Lighthouse about their new album, Smaak en sien and the titletrack
5 Aug 16 min

Neville Newman - Mnandi Ungathandabuzi

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Neville Newman about his walk with the Lord, and his new single, Mnandi Ungathandabuzi, that he has just released.
29 Jul 17 min

Minister DeAllen

Janine is speaking to Minister DeAllen about his CD, his song "By Your Grace" and his walk with Jesus as well.
15 Jul 21 min

Henco Kruger - Volbring

Janine van Niekerk is getting to know Henco Kruger, who has just released a full CD called "Volbring". As per usual, she wants the story behind the story.
1 Jul 20 min

Michael W Smith Q&A Session in Pretoria

Janine and mini auditorium full of people attended the Q&A Session held with Michael W Smith before his performance the Friday evening at Moreleta Park, and got a few very interesting answers…
16 Jun 41 min

Ruth Campbell - The Prodigals

Janine van Niekerk spoke to Ruth Campbell, a Christian singer/songwriter all the way from Scotland, about her new album, The Prodigals.
10 Jun 13 min

Retief Burger - Net Een Naam

Janine van Niekerk speaks to Retief Burger about his coming sabbatical and about his new song "Net een naam".
3 Jun 19 min

Tertius Rooi

Janine van Niekerk speaks to Tertius Rooi about his new song "In U Is Daar Lewe"... amongst other interesting things.
3 Jun 20 min

Lydia Lefifi - Rain

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Lydia Lefifi about starting her singing career with a new album and a heart, ready to serve.
23 Feb 5 min

Carle Weber: I am loved

Janine van Niekerk speaks to Carle Weber about the song she wrote during the lockdown, celebrating the difference it makes in your life when you know for a fact that God loves you. (#ekisgeliefd)
15 Feb 17 min
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