Colourful is a music programme on Radio Pulpit that celebrates Gospel music. Your presenter is the talented Janine van Niekerk, an expert in South-African Gospel music industry. She is also the manager of the SAMA-award winning Afrikaans gospel artist, Retief Burger.
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Retief Burger - Net Een Naam

Janine van Niekerk speaks to Retief Burger about his coming sabbatical and about his new song "Net een naam".
3 Jun 19 min

Tertius Rooi

Janine van Niekerk speaks to Tertius Rooi about his new song "In U Is Daar Lewe"... amongst other interesting things.
3 Jun 20 min

Lydia Lefifi - Rain

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Lydia Lefifi about starting her singing career with a new album and a heart, ready to serve.
23 Feb 5 min

Carle Weber: I am loved

Janine van Niekerk speaks to Carle Weber about the song she wrote during the lockdown, celebrating the difference it makes in your life when you know for a fact that God loves you. (#ekisgeliefd)
15 Feb 17 min

Frank&I: Forgiven Tour

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Johan and Frank from Frank&I about forgiveness in SA and how they want to facilitate that even through their music.
19 Jan 18 min

Stella: Kersfees is Jesus

Janine is speaking to Stella about the whole Christmas issue, and how you can celebrate the coming of Jesus, even on the 25th of December!
9 Dec 2022 9 min

Stefan Green: Hope is not lost!

Janine is speaking to Stefan Green about his new single "Hope is Here" which encourages people to hold on to the hope we have in Christ.
9 Dec 2022 19 min

Donovan Jacobs from Cape Culture

Janine is speaking to Donovan Jacobs from Cape Culture, about their new track, ‘Imago Dei (Kings and Priests)’, that has just been launched on all digital platforms.
9 Dec 2022 23 min

Pieter Gouws has big plans

Janine is speaking to Pieter Gouws and his wife Leané. Pieter is the Worship co-ordinator from Helderberg Congregation in Somerset West about his plans to make unique music for the King.
9 Dec 2022 18 min

Lukas Korff and his 1Googolplex project

The 1Googolplex project is a true story that is a result of a fathers quest to win his kids' hearts back by doing 4 fun family activities with them during Covid and how it unfolded into an epic way to share the gospel and potentially reach millions of people.
16 Nov 2022 22 min

Riaan Naude is not spiritually blind

Janine is speaking to Riaan Naude about his journey of becoming blind at the age of 15, his struggle with God, and his eventual peace knowing God had never left Him stranded.
10 Nov 2022 14 min

Ps Franco Alberts' new song

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Ps Franco Alberts, about his new song - All lives matter to me.
21 Oct 2022 18 min

Apostle Kathryn Krick - Revival is now SA

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Kathryn Krick . She is passionate about seeing people receive the power of God through the prophetic and apostolic ministry of Jesus.
21 Oct 2022 25 min

Celebrate Africa sings Hallelujah!!!

Janine speaks to Tommy and Daniel Deuschle from Celebrate Africa about their new lives in America and their new single "Hallelujah"
13 Oct 2022 24 min
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