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The COVID-19 pandemic is attacking societies at their core, claiming lives and people’s livelihoods. The Directorate Community Engagement at the University of the Free State, as a caring institution, will assist communities to overcome the challenges brought about by the lockdown on their lives and families, through the application of E-Engaged Scholarship.

E-Community Engagement refers to an alternative online/virtual community engagement platform aimed at facilitating greater participation, dialogue and training by university staff as well as students in partnership with other role-players to encourage citizens to take active part in developing their own lives and their communities

The Directorate and their partners will in line with their new strategy share virtual training programmes with communities to address the effects of lockdown on their lives and businesses.
Occasionally English South Africa Education · Self-Improvement Narrated by Gerben van Niekerk
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Importance of Mental health and Wellness for Students

If you can just think about it for a second, learning how to support each other through hard times is one of the most important things we can do as human beings. The role of university partnerships have been extremely crucial in South Africa for addressing issues such as social…
6 Sep 2022 10 min

Finding Meaning in a Career

In the final episode, we wrap up the conversation by unpacking the journey to finding meaning in a career. We discuss our own journeys in pursuit of purpose and the importance of meaning in motivation and legacy creation.
18 Aug 2022 11 min

Introduction to Career Decision-Making

Do you ever wonder who you are? What makes you and the person that you are? What moves? Excites? And inspires you. These questions are important when you have to choose a career choice. A career choice that fills your interests and ignites your imagination. While these answers, we could…
18 Aug 2022 6 min

Career Preparation and Management

So are you on the verge of completing your degree, leaving university, or starting your career? If that is you, then here are some important things that you need to think about. Firstly, do you have a resume and why is it important to have a good resume? Firstly, it's…
18 Aug 2022 9 min


Working at a school is a stressful occupation, therefore it is important that the staff at schools practice self-care. How do you personally think you can practice caring for yourself? Being kind to oneself could allow you to manage your stress as well as maintain a more relaxed state of…
18 Aug 2022 16 min

Communication strategies, mindfulness and self-regulation

This podcast focuses on two strategies. The first one involves how to have effective communication skills for better communication between you and your colleagues and the second one focuses on how you can be mindful during conflict as well as how to show self-regulate skills during conflict. We hope this…
18 Aug 2022 16 min

Academic Advising for UFS Students

We all have dreams, career goals and life goals, but sometimes it can be difficult to devise a plan to reach these goals and dreams. Academic advising helps students to clarify their goals and helps them to develop a clear educational plan to achieve these goals. But that is not…
18 Aug 2022 5 min

Spending Patterns and Compiling a Budget

A recent survey that was conducted stated that most students worry about money. The majority of students are struggling to make ends meet or live on a tight month-to-month budget. It is even more unsettling to realise how financial stress impacts their day-to-day lives. As a direct consequence of this,…
18 Aug 2022 8 min

Investing and Retirement Planning for Students

Everyone invests in some way, shape or form. From the savvy stockbroker to the person who is forced to skip a meal here and there because they run out of money before their next paycheck, everyone invests their time, effort and attention into the things they find important. The individuals…
18 Aug 2022 12 min

Breast cancer awareness with Jessica van Onselen

October is breast cancer awareness month, and this podcast episode will help raise awareness and break the stigma around breast cancer by educating the general public on the signs and symptoms, risk factors, and treatment of this disease. This episode will shed some light on important information regarding the most…
20 Oct 2021 9 min

Strategies to Help Students Cope with COVID-19

In this podcast, three Masters' students from the University of the Free State Department of Psychology talks about strategies students can use to cope with the new normal.
30 Sep 2021 17 min

Life Crafting with Steyn Swanepoel

We live in a fast-paced, performance-driven society that is characterized by working long hours and enduring constant stress. Do you feel like you are constantly on the go? Without time to just stop, take a breath and rest? Like you’ve become too tired to properly enjoy the things that used…
8 Sep 2021 24 min

A Mindful Journey to Fight Burnout with Reinhardt Ral

Reinhardt Rall, a Psychology Honours student at the University of the Free State talks about mindfulness and burnout. The podcast will be focusing on how to prevent burnout. We believe that the most valuable gift you can give yourself is being present in the moment. This entails allowing yourself to…
8 Sep 2021 13 min

Conquering Stress in the New Normal with Sharissa Krause

Last year was a difficult year, especially for teachers such as yourselves. The pressure to continue to perform and to do your jobs to the best of your abilities was severely impacted by the corona virus. The effects can still be felt across South Africa to this day. Teachers are…
7 Sep 2021 15 min

Student Adjustment During COVID-19

When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade! Shoki, together with her fellow colleagues Francois and Mpho, psychology masters’ students at the UFS Department of Psychology talks about how students can adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic.
20 Aug 2021 15 min
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