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Good News Time - Prayer Time

Good News Time brings the family of God together as we unite in prayer for each other, for South Africa, and countries around the world.
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Pray for the Airport industry

Today we are praying for SAA. We had a listener, Retha, who shared her heart concerning SAA, and we realised that we truly need to pray for everyone affected by the reality they face as an industry. So let us lay all employees of airport companies, and all affected industries…
1 Mar 2021 24 min

Prayer for Abuse

Today we are praying very weighty prayers. After we prayed for the mentally disabled last week, we were contacted by a lady explaining that some people end up disabled because of abuse, and that we urgently and regularly need to be praying for victims of physical, verbal and sexual abuse,…
15 Feb 2021 16 min

Prayer for the Mentally Disabled

Today we are praying for some very precious people. Children, men and women who are mentally disabled, whether institutionalised or at home. And we asked their loved ones to pray for them by name so that we, as the body of Christ may agree with them in prayer for their…
1 Feb 2021 12 min

Worship South Africa Prays for Our Worship Leaders

Today we are praying for the worship leaders and worship teams in South Africa. And we got the worship leaders to do the praying, as they are the ones who know personally what the challenges are these precious people face on a daily basis. There is a movement called Worship…
22 Nov 2020 9 min

Prayer for Matrics by Matrics

No one can pray for you as well as someone else going through the same thing. Our Matrics are writing their final exams in a very stressful year, and therefor we got the Matrics to pray for the Matrics today!
8 Nov 2020 5 min

Praying for South Africa's Farmers

Today we pray for farmers in SA. Did you know that from 120 000+ farmers in SA, we are now down to 38 000 for various reasons. So today the Radio Pulpit listeners bring the precious people who provide this country with food before the throne of the Father.
7 Sep 2020 21 min

Education during COVID-19

The pressure on Principals to manage the uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is enormous. Children are the future, and to carry the responsibility to educate them during a global pandemic is more than anyone should bear alone. This morning, we had a special Call To Prayer, after a message…
15 Aug 2020 12 min

Prayer for medical staff during COVID-19

Thank you to our listeners for their overwhelming response to our Call to Prayer for medical staff who are fighting on the frontlines to save lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.
9 Jul 2020 15 min

Uit die hart van 'n Verpleegster

Gesondheidswerkers regoor die wêreld stuur 'n hulpkreet uit om selfisolasie toe te pas. Hulle plaas daagliks hulle lewens op die spel om ander by te staan in die stryd teen #COVID-19. Izelle Loots, 'n verpleegspesialis, gee vir jou 'n kykie in die hart van die wat vir ons veg, en…
30 Mar 2020 11 min