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Hungry Woman at Work is a podcast for the woman who wants to thrive at work, without losing her soul.

Be inspired by the stories of women who are making an impact in their spheres of influence, be it in the boardroom, the classroom, on the field, at an NGO, or at home.

And get some snippets of advice on issues facing women in the workplace, from mentorship and leadership, to being healthy at work.

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Ep 13: The Confidence Gap at Work

There’s been a lot of talk around women and the confidence gap at work. One school of thought says women get overlooked for promotions because “they’re not confident enough”.

But others say that, what shows up as a lack of confidence is really a mix of different reasons. Some of those include a fear of backlash, being taught that others – not yourself – should praise your work, and generational gender norms of how women should present themselves (i.e. sweetly and quietly!)

Host Nevelia Moloi, Mwansa Chokolo, an actuary working in the insurance industry, and Khodani Nematei, a youth development manager chat about women and the confidence gap at work.

To add your voice to the conversation, talk to us on Instagram @hungrywomanatwork

#HWaW #confidencegap
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Ep 12: "There's always a way to work towards your dreams" - Erica Blocker

As children we are encouraged to keep on dreaming, to pursue our dreams … and then as adults we’re told to stopped dreaming, to “grow up” in fact.

On this episode Nevelia Moloi interviews Erica Blocker, our first guest beyond SA borders, who says dreams are crucial to our wellbeing and urges us to keep on dreaming. Erica is a life coach and side business success strategist. She’s also the Founder of Moms with Dreams University, so there’s a special message for moms who feel their dreams have gone to early retirement.

Erica also offers advice on how you can maximise your time, how to find your confidence, and move from simply thinking about something, to implementing it.

If you’ve become disillusioned about pursuing your dreams, this is a must-listen episode.

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Ep 11: "You can turn your passion into profit" - Miabo Enyadike

“I turned my house into a gallery”

There was once a time when work, and passion were two distinct things. In this episode, Nevelia Moloi speaks to Miabo Enyadike, a businesswoman who makes a living off her passion, which is art. Miabo is an artpreneur and founder of Art Miabo and she shares how she’s turned her craft into a profitable career.

How’s this for a quotable quote: “If you drop a Nigerian in the Sahara Desert, they will sell sand to the people that have been living there!” Miabo says there are many things we can learn from Nigerian women, such as tenacity, innovation, and how to run a business with no electricity.

You’ll feel challenged to look at your hobbies and passion projects with new eyes.

Listen now and subscribe to Hungry Woman at Work to receive regular episodes.

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Ep 10: “What helps me as a working mom is fusing what is common” - Rechelle Jacobs

"There I was working full-time and I was a Masters student and I was pregnant with my second child ... what worked for me there was fusing what is common."

In this episode of Hungry Woman at Work, Nevelia Moloi chats to Rechelle Jacobs, a statistics lecturer at the University of Western Cape.

As a woman in academia, who is also doing her PhD, Rechelle knows all about the working-mom hustle. She shares how fusing what's common has helped her, and how she's gone from humble beginnings to a woman thriving in her field.

She also reflects on #FeesMustFall, the student movement that has had a huge impact on higher education in South Africa.

Listen now.

#HWaW #WomenInAcademia #WorkingMoms #WorkingMothers #statistics #femaleacademics #FeesMustFall #UWC #humblebeginnings #HungryWomanatWork
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Ep 9: When life throws you curveballs... and how to survive loadshedding

What do you when things don't go the way you planned, when you thought things were going a certain way and then life got, erm, interrupted?

In South Africa right now, there's a national "interrupter" called loadshedding, causing quite some havoc.

In this minisode, Nevelia Moloi asks a few HWaW listeners how they are surviving the interruption of loadshedding - and how they respond when faced with the curveballs of life.

Also listen out for what the epic Black Panther scene featuring Okoye and a raging war rhino has in common with a life interrupted.


Cover photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels
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Ep 8: "There is a client for everybody. Someone needs what you have” with Rezaine Desai

"Even in a saturated market, there is a client for everybody."

Are you dreaming of starting your own business or side hustle but you don't know where the money will come from? Or perhaps you think there are already too many others out there doing the same thing you'd like to start?

In this episode of Hungry Woman at Work, Nevelia Moloi chats to Rezaine Desai, who runs her own business as a wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer.

Rezaine shares how she left behind a "safe" income to pursue her passion, and the lessons she's learnt along the way. She believes that, even in a saturated market, there is enough for everyone. You've just gotta have faith, she says.

Nevelia also shares about different funds that are specifically aimed at funding women enterprise. Listen now!

#HWaW #WomenInBusiness #StartOwnBusiness
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Ep 7: Kholofelo Tsoloane “The uniform does not change who I am”

Have you ever walked into a meeting and been “the only” one of “your kind” in a room? As a young woman working in the military being “the only” is a regular occurrence for our guest on this episode. Yet she has determined to not let the uniform change who she is.

In episode 7, Nevelia Moloi chats to Kholofelo Tsoloane, a biokineticist working in the South African Military Health Services. Kholo knows what it is to be the only female in a male-dominated environment. Yet she has found ways to keep her feminine soul thriving.

If you’re struggling with time management and punctuality, Kholo fills us in on how the army can help you!

And in the listener question section, we talk about how to not let a lack of resources stand in the way of your creativity.
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Ep 6: Julie Cunningham "The more secure a leader is the more she'll raise up those behind her"

"The more secure a woman leader is the more she’s prepared to raise up those behind her"

In this episode, Nevelia Moloi chats to Julie Cunningham, a woman who's been in media for many years and is now a business consultant specialising in strategic communications.

Julie - whose had stints at Carte Blanche, eNCA and CNN - speaks about women in media, the importance of being secure in yourself as a leader, and how to not compromise on family values.

She also tells about the miraculous power of a cup of tea in a busy mom's life!
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Ep 5: How to keep your soul in tact this festive season

"Take a break from social media. Keep it simple. Take time away by yourself. Get intentional rest..."

In the final episode for 2018, Hungry Woman at Work listeners and host Nevelia Moloi share their tips for thriving in the festive season, what lessons they've learnt in 2018, and how to be more effective in 2019.

#HWaW #WorkSuccess #WorkingWomen

Credit: 2018 photo by Steven VanDesande Jr on Unsplash
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Ep 4: Lerato Thekiso "I was gonna have it all without compromising my values"

Episode 4 of Hungry Woman at Work - the podcast for the woman who wants to thrive at work, without losing her soul.

In this episode, host Nevelia Moloi chats to Lerato Thekiso, managing partner at Thekvest Legal Advisory Services and founder of the Unleashed Leadership Development Foundation.

Lerato, a businesswoman and speaker, shares about creating a new expression of women in law, unlocking the potential of young people and creating authentic sisterhood.

And as a former Miss Limpopo, she offers some beauty hacks for working women!
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Ep 3: "Make it easier for the women coming after you" with Annie McWalter

Episode 3 of Hungry Woman at Work - the podcast for the woman who wants to thrive at work, without losing her soul.

In this episode, host Nevelia Moloi chats to Annie McWalter, the CEO of The Hope Factory and SAICA Enterprise Development.

Annie shares about exciting job opportunities for accounting students in South Africa, and the importance of first leading yourself before you can lead others.

And she encourages women in leadership to make it easier for the women coming after them.
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Ep 2: "I lead as myself" with Mbali Ndandani

Episode 2 of Hungry Woman at Work - the podcast for the woman who wants to thrive at work, without losing her soul.

In this episode, host Nevelia Moloi chats to Mbali Ndandani who is the Africa digital lead for Unilever.

Mbali speaks about being a woman in tech and some of her bug bears in the tech space right now.

She also shares her advice to unemployed graduates and leadership lessons from basketball... including who she'd choose as her COO between Steph Curry or LeBron James!
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