The GramSham

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Research shows that there is an increase in depression and suicide linked to the feelings of inadequacy brought on by Instagram. Talk producer Jo Lurie, presents the #GramSham podcast series exclusively on Kaya FM. #TheGramSham features some of the celebrities and influencers who participated in the online initiative. It also looks at the matter from different angles, including a youth perspective, a psychological view, the pressure it puts on parents to provide.

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The GramSham with Trevor Gumbi

Jo Lurie, talk producer presents the #TheGramSham podcast series. It all started with huge concerns that our Youth are being set up for massive failure by the fake dreams being sold to them by their role models on Instagram. The picture perfect lives being portrayed are simply snapshots, frames, highly curated, art directed moments of their lives and what they aren’t seeing is the hustle, the hard work, the disappoint, the heartbreak, the mess, the anxiety, the depression, and the hard times.
#TheGramSham podcast series, features some of the celebrities and influencers who participated in the online initiative.

The GramSham with Khaya Dlanga

If there were more Khaya Dlanga’s on social media, there’d be no need for #TheGramSham. As one of the most positive role models out there for the Youth, he has been painfully honest about his imperfect and messy journey to success. He places dreams firmly in reach of our youth and is an inspiring example of hustle, hard work, perseverance, and the right kind of impatience paying off. Khaya’s timeline may be carefully curated, but it’s perfectly balanced with truth-telling and dream selling. He makes you want his life and then inspires you to go out and get it. Khaya discusses getting the balance right and where he draws the line when it comes to sharing.

The GramSham with Letshego Zulu

We all have to face grief and loss at some stage in our lives, but almost none of us have to do it as publicly as Letshego Zulu. For 15 years, she shared her love story with her beloved Gugu with the whole country and for the past two years, she has had to share this very painful part of their relationship with the public too. Sometimes that means putting on a brave face and hiding behind a smile, both online and in real life. Letshego shares her story in this episode.

The GramSham with Lumko Johnson and Jessica Tims

Life is already so complicated, but growing up in the age of social media can make it even more so. Every single moment is heavily produced. Everything seen as a potential Instagram post, rather than an experience or a future memory. Everyone trying to outdo each other, out-influence one another. Who has more followers, more likes, more interactions? The constant chase of the unattainable lifestyle sold to you by those more influential than you. With the bar set unachievably high, failure is imminent. What a time to be young. This episode focuses on the youth perspective.

The GramSham with Dr Saths Cooper

They say comparison is the thief of joy, if that’s the case, Instagram certainly promotes joylessness. Feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, and failure linked to Instagram are leading to a marked increase in depression and in some cases, suicide. What was once a photo sharing app, is now a breeding ground for self- esteem issues. This episode slips deep into the psychology of Instagram.

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