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The Urban Culture Drive

A look into the mysterious aspects of millennials who are now professionals.

Large corporates are struggling to retain them, governments are struggling to meet their demands and the economy is shifting to their preferred consuming habits. By their sheer numbers, they are clearly the new world order and as such we all need to learn how to live, work and play with them.

In response to the rise of consciousness of young and unapologetic millennials, The Urban Culture Drive takes a look at how this group of people are shifting the behaviours and cultures of the world at large, and how it all relates in a South African context. It's about presenting a vibe of ambition and success as a lifestyle rather than a destination.
Weekly English South Africa Society & Culture
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Our Drunken Youth

With December in full swing and the alarming stats relating to teenage drinking, UCD meets South African Breweries and sparks an exciting conversation around underage drinking. The team chats with SAB representatives to shed light on the aim behind their 18+ #BeTheMentor programme. They share information on how to be…
18 Dec 2018 53 min

Festive Season Taboos

With 2018 coming to a close, the team upack taboos of the festive season... such as Christmas with family we can’t stand, or having to endure with broken households. Then personal trainer Mandela Nhleko talks about how to make the most of one's holiday season.
11 Dec 2018 52 min

Lights, Camera, Fashion!

The UCD team chats about everything fashion and trendy with local fashion designers and label owners Sandi Mazibuku and Sibusiso Yanta. The world of fashion is revealed, touching on the ins and outs of the industry and business. The guests share their come up stories, give fashion advice, and share…
4 Dec 2018 44 min

Becoming Her with Lesiba

Craig and Candice ask all your Transgender-related questions. They uncover surprising unspoken facts regarding transitioning. Lesiba lets us into her world... and maybe a threesome with Craig and Lasizwe is on the cards!
27 Nov 2018 48 min


Job and Candice delve into a conversation around the importance of celebrating one's uniqueness. They look into reasons why this is largely not practiced, discuss the social pressures that encourage the need to conform in today's generation. They break down the possible effects of this apparent condition of conformance, and…
20 Nov 2018 40 min

Navigating the Treacherous Music Industry

In wake of the sudden passing of SA rapper HHP, the team has SA talent DJ Enzo and Rapper Oasys in studio talking about the harsh realities of the SA music scene. Being from different backgrounds and cities, the gentleman share their personal stories regarding their come up journeys, the…
13 Nov 2018 48 min


The UCD team gets a chance to converse with Mbombela-born songstress Chiano Sky Kruger. In the energy packed interview, the songstress shares stories of her music come up, and how the Aunty collab with Kid X came about. She also gives some insight on what to expect from her coming…
6 Nov 2018 46 min

Hanging with Spender

The team is joined in studio by Nigerian hip-hop artist Spender. Spender takes the team through his music journey, he shares stories about the harsh reality of the music industry, introduces us to his brother and business partner, and reveals his future plans following the release of his latest single…
23 Oct 2018 42 min

Women in Power

The UCD team tackle an age-old discussion regarding women in power and are joined in studio by Lyn Mansour and Siba Mtongana. Issues of patriarchy, support structure, abuse and inequality are unpacked as Siba and Lyn give some solid advice about decision making and fighting against the odds in a…
16 Oct 2018 51 min

Real Talk, Sex & Sexuality

The team set the studio on fire with real talk. They touch on the difference between being gay and sleeping with men. A debate sparks about the vanity that exists in today's society. Producer Job gets his sexuality questioned, and Craig spills all the beans about him and Lasizwe.
9 Oct 2018 42 min


SA's current best dance crew 'Creed' has a chat with the UCD team. They set the record straight regarding their #1 position and gave insight on their upcoming plans and competitions. Plus, in true UCD style the team challenge Creed to put their money where their mouth is.
25 Sep 2018 50 min


DJ Lebza The Villain speaks on his journey to international decks, the appreciation for house music in Europe, big bootys, how the real star is on the dance floor, and how HE IS FROM MIDRAND - period!
11 Sep 2018 49 min

The Situation as it Stands

After a long hiatus, LSG joins us back in studio. Bitter Betty’s, ‘Spring’, and kicking brokeness to the curb was the order of the day. Craig tells of his spur of the moment Cape Town adventure, and Candice reminds us to skip dinner, wake up thinner!
4 Sep 2018 40 min

Shape up for Summer

Shantal Dietrich joins the team in studio and shares her childhood story of how she eventually got into the fitness lifestyle. The team discusses her personal training journey and how that transitioned into her entrepreneurial journey. Shantal also shares insights on a number of dietary and exercise myths, and also…
29 Aug 2018 22 min

A Young Black Female Entrepreneur’s Journey (Part 3)

As an extension of a broader conversation around Women's Month and the conclusion of UCD's 3-part series, young female entrepreneur Liz Letsaolo joins the team in studio for a discussion on her new start up. Being in what is considered to be a saturated market, Liz unpacks the novelty behind…
28 Aug 2018 24 min

A Young Black Female Entrepreneur’s Journey (Part 2)

In part 2 of their series, the team chats to female entrepreneur Sandisiwe. This driven young lady shares the story of how her mobile hair business started, the challenges of such a business, and the nature of the industry... as well as some tips for any and all start-up businesses.
21 Aug 2018 45 min

A Young Black Female Entrepreneur's Journey (Part 1)

Organic beauty products founder Nathacia Olivier has a chat with the team about her journey as an entrepreneur, her challenges in the space, and the future of her brand. Being one of a few young black females in the space, there are a lot of helpful insights Nathacia shares with…
14 Aug 2018 45 min

Our Thoughts

The team shares their views on a number of topics. They touch on Candice's weird sex fetishes, Craig's online secrets, and Producer Job gets left hanging when he speaks about Chinese state capture.
31 Jul 2018 41 min

What's on your Mind?

In their usual fashionable and controversial way, The Urban Culture Drive team stirs up the pot with their conversation. They look into the world of creatives, share their opinion about Nomzamo Mbatha's Cosmopolitan cover and activist title, debate the rise in consciousness in today's youth, and Candice continues to show…
24 Jul 2018 47 min

Scientists to Fashionistas

The gang speak to full-time scientists who have ventured into fashion by creating their own clothing range. Kgabo and Kurt take us along on their entrepreneurship journey and paint a picture of how they’ll dominate the African fashion industry for years to come.
17 Jul 2018 50 min
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