Kagiso Modupe tackles real life thought-provoking relationship matters with celebrities, ordinary people and relationship experts.

The show encourages people to have candid conversations about real life issues that are often swept under the carpet. Its aim is to use truth and humour to educate, inspire, improve people’s livelihood and all types of relationships – marriage, siblings, business etc.

Actor Kagiso Modupe has been invading over 4 million South African homes and 20 million around the continent every night for the last 11 years on eTV’s ‘Scandal’. His status has helped a lot of SA brands and campaigns maximise their exposure and reach broader demographics and expand their businesses.
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Your Relationship with Money

The economy is down and the employment rate is low these day, but the key is not to panic. Our guest, Credit Control Manager Alcum Molapo advises us not to avoid debt collectors, and plan wisely.
24 Oct 2018 47 min

Father & Child Relationship

Many people have grown up without a father, but some of us were fortunate enough to have a healthy relationship with our dad and today we ourselves are parents and we have our own sons and daughters. Actor and Fatherhood advocate Fumani Shilubana speaks to us about the importance of…
17 Oct 2018 47 min

Things that Women Don’t Understand about Men

After all the Women’s Month hullabaloo, Kagiso decides to switch things up and talk about things that women do not understand about men. Did you know that men are also suckers for compliments?
19 Sep 2018 35 min

Babies Change Everything

Babies are obviously a blessing in our lives, but they change the entire dynamic of a relationship. New mom, musician, and funny lady Nomusa Mazwai - aka Nomisupasta - stops by to share her experience so far.
5 Sep 2018 47 min

Black Tax

As you know there’s VAT that every South African citizen has to pay to the government, and then... there’s 'black tax' - when you have to share your salary with every family member. Most people are honoured to do this for their families, but there are implications that come with…
29 Aug 2018 52 min

The Five Languages of Love

Love, love, love is in the air on Unleashed with Kagiso Modupe today. Just like there’s a language you use in marketing, law or in business... love also has a language. There are actually 5 languages. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true.
15 Aug 2018 39 min

Things Men Don’t Understand About Women

Kagiso kicks off Women’s Month with a show dedicated to women. Singer and songwriter Deevah joined him in studio to talk about some of the things that men don’t understand about women. Very interesting!
8 Aug 2018 55 min

The Neverending Battle of the Sexes

It’s no secret that men and women are wired differently, which can sometimes create a communication breakdown. How then do we bridge the gap, so that as couples we don't find ourselves sending mixed signals to each other or hearing the opposite of what our spouses are actually trying to…
11 Jul 2018 40 min

Public Displays of Affection

Public displays of affection have always been taboo in black African communities, but times have changes and people are very vocal about their views on PDA. Kagiso’s guest Mavilos certainly didn’t shy away about his.
27 Jun 2018 48 min


Polygamy is the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. Award-winning songstress Symphony chats to Kagiso about this taboo topic. Would she marry a polygamist, and why? She also talks about her chart-topping album 'Sengikhona', and winning the first AfriMusic Song Contest.
6 Jun 2018 43 min

The Impact of Work on Relationships

Relationships are already hard, adding to that are the long hours that both men and women spend away from each other while working. Kagiso gets the opinion of a young hip-hop duo - StinoLeThwenny - on what impact work has on their relationships.
30 May 2018 57 min

Love & Disability

He’s the first South African to run and finish the Two Oceans marathon on crutches, all while battling with his eyesight and balance. Ipeleng Khunou talks to Kagiso about his amazing achievement and maintaining relationships while living with a disability.
23 May 2018 50 min

Refuse to be a Statistic

This week Unleashed shifts gears a bit to focus on a topic that unfortunately continues to plague the country. Three time author, Tshego Monaisa, says her book 'Three Sisters' unleashed a whole new person in her when she was writing about three women whose commonality was being involved in abusive…
16 May 2018 52 min

Humour is Serious Business

Imagine a world with more happy people? Mapaseka Koetle tells Kagiso that humour is to a relationship what water is to a plant - very essential!
9 May 2018 49 min

Step Parenting & Blended Families

No stranger to the entertainment industry, Stoan Seate (real name Tshepo Seate) is a South African kwaito singer, music producer, actor and television presenter best known for his part in the highly successful kwaito band, Bongo Maffin. He opens up to Kagiso about growing up as a step-child, getting married…
2 May 2018 58 min

Interracial Relationship Challenges

Tha Muzik reveals how he ended up topless in Brazil, his awesome events, his experience with dating outside his race and how society still views interracial relationships negatively.
25 Apr 2018 37 min

Kenny Lattimore

International R&B superstar Kenny Lattimore opens up to Kagiso about some of his personal highs and lows in relationships - from his divorce, to the importance of sex in a relationship, to cheating, to being whole as a person.
25 Apr 2018 22 min

Music & Orgasms

Demor chats to Kagiso about how his music career started with Shota and Black Coffee, discovering new talent such at Bucie and his contribution to the South African industry. They also tackle the issue of orgasms, how it's all about the journey and not the destination and the different ways…
18 Apr 2018 51 min

How Selfish Can a Person Be?

Relationships are not built for selfish people, but how selfish can you be in a relationship? Television actress Koketso Mophuting shares her personal experiences with Kagiso, as they delve deep into the art of self-love VS selfishness.
11 Apr 2018 46 min

Password or No Password

Ever have that cringing moment when your significant other picks up your phone? In this episode Kagiso asks IamNation if significant others are entitled to passwords. You’d be surprised what came out of this conversation.
28 Mar 2018 1 hour
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