Radio Days Africa RDA 2017 #futuretuned

RDA 2017 #futuretuned

Are you #futuretuned? Join the action at #rda17 to learn new skills and engage with new ideas.
Occasionally English South Africa Sports · Technology
40 Episodes
1 – 20

#RDA17: Relevance Through Innovation

Relevance Through Innovation: To remain relevant, add value to society and maintain its position, radio must embrace technology and trends. Graham Dixon (European Broadcasting Union) shares some insights and examples from Europe.
10 Jul 2017 43 min

#RDA17: Streaming Radio Truths

Streaming Radio Truths: Shaun Dewberry takes an uncomfortable look at the realities of streaming radio. From set-up to become viable, he shares a realistic viewpoint based on his experience.
10 Jul 2017 29 min

#RDA17: Master Class - Formats to Engage

Master Class - Formats to Engage: Brandon Oelofse (RNTC – The Netherlands) offers a Master Class on understanding the ten basic formats and how to use them creatively.
10 Jul 2017 1 hr 08 min

#RDA17: C-Tru

C-Tru: Podcasting for the visually impaired has led to some interesting content pieces and approaches. Join Jacob Kruger (C-Tru) as they share their content and approach to podcasting.
10 Jul 2017 28 min

#RDA17: The Digital King

The Digital King: Join a pioneer of the on-line radio spaceDJ Sbu, as they talk about the synergy of going digital.
10 Jul 2017 33 min

#RDA17: The New Audio Goldrush

The New Audio Goldrush: Francois Retief and Neil Meintjes (Iono.FM) share their insight into on-line content and technical trends proving the case for radio on the 21st-century digital frontier
10 Jul 2017 28 min

#RDA17: The All Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye: Jon Savage talks about his on-line venture and tells us why his on-line model rivals others in this space.
10 Jul 2017 31 min

#RDA17: Trusting Technology

Trusting Technology: Back by popular demand, Arthur Goldstuck speaks about the technology revolution that is changing the world of business, bringing with it massive challenges that highlight a deep flaw in the future: Lack of trust in new technologies.
10 Jul 2017 37 min

#RDA17: Creating Powerful Radio

Creating Powerful Radio: Join international consultant and author, Valerie Geller, as she shares her ideas on creating powerful radio content. This is a session not to be missed.
10 Jul 2017 1 hr 05 min

#RDA17: Master Class – Audio Production

Jan Brückner from Benz Town Branding will demonstrate and create an audio-imaging package live during this master class. Engage with and learn from top audio producers and see them in action!
6 Jul 2017 1 hr 01 min

#RDA17: Master Class: Podcasting

Master Class - Podcasting: Join Brad Brown (The Podcast Academy) as he shares all the essential skills, tips, and equipment needed to create your own podcast.
6 Jul 2017 1 hr 11 min

#RDA17: 10 Tips to Manage Your Social Media

Engaged audiences are active on a variety of platforms and consume media brands outside their traditional footprints. Join Bronwyn Hardick (Showmax) as she shares her ten tips to manage social media platforms.
6 Jul 2017 28 min

#RDA17: The Public Radio Debate

The Public Radio Debate: The last year has been a tumultuous time at the SABC. Looking at best practice from Africa and learnings from Europe, this panel discussion will examine the need for an independent and impartial public broadcaster. Panel includes Suna Venter (SABC 8), Nana esi Parry (Ghana Broadcasting…
6 Jul 2017 58 min

#RDA17 Breaking Barriers - Burundi

Radio remains a powerful and instant way to communicate news, share knowledge and engage with audiences. When traditional distribution becomes difficult or impossible, new methods of sharing the content emerge. The challenging political landscape in Burundi has created new radio distribution. Bob Rugurika tells us more.
6 Jul 2017 28 min

#RDA17 Content Positive

A group of teenagers in Lesotho are empowering themselves and those around them by creating weekly radio content relative to their circumstances. Living with HIV, these youth broadcasters are changing the content game, one show at a time. Thabo Motseki and his team tell us more.
6 Jul 2017 39 min

#RDA17: Public radio success story

The public broadcaster in Ghana is a good example of a well-run public broadcaster.Nana Esi-Parry (Ghana BC) shares their formula and best practices.
6 Jul 2017 33 min

#RDA17: Building Breakfast

Building Breakfast: Join the hosts behind Gauteng’s biggest breakfast shows and listen to them discuss their thinking and planning behind their shows. Shows include Kaya FM, Jacaranda FM, YFM, 947 and 5FM. The panel will be chaired by Ashraf Garda (SAfm).
6 Jul 2017 48 min

#RDA17: Ishiwi - My Voice

Ishiwi – My Voice: Join Matango Maumbi (BBC Media Action, Zambia) as he discusses this innovative project specifically targeted at youth audiences.
6 Jul 2017 30 min
1 – 20