#RDA17 Breaking Barriers - Burundi

Radio remains a powerful and instant way to communicate news, share knowledge and engage with audiences. When traditional distribution becomes difficult or impossible, new methods of sharing the content emerge. The challenging political landscape in Burundi has created new radio distribution. Bob Rugurika tells us more.
6 Jul 2017 English South Africa Sports · Technology

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#RDA17: #futuretuned

#FUTURETUNED: Radio has shown continued popularity and relevance delivering a wide variety of content and music to audiences. Prof. Franz Krüger (Director: Wits Radio Academy), Chris Price (Head of Music: BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra), Pearl Sokhulu (Station Manager: Vuma FM), Khanyisile Kweyama (Interim SABC Board Chair) and Greg Maloka…
5 Jul 2017 1 hr 01 min

#RDA17: The case for DRM

Johannes von Weyssenhoff has been in a local trial for Digital Radio Mondiale.He explains why DRM is the perfect intervention tool for bridging the digital divide in marginalised communities.
5 Jul 2017 50 min

#RDA17: How to Do 360° On-Air Campaigns

How to Do 360° On-Air Campaigns: Alfie Jay (Algoa FM) talks about the Algoa success story regarding building on-air campaigns that engage audiences across multiple platforms, yet still satisfy the overarching role of radio.
5 Jul 2017 37 min

#RDA17: Content King

Content King: How do you approach creating daily content that is relevant and engaging? When do you drop content in favor of unplanned events? What does a content plan look like and how do you execute this? JD Mostert (Kaya FM) shares his insight and experience.
5 Jul 2017 39 min

#RDA17: Podcasting for Niched Audiences and Advertisers

Audio-on-demand, specialised content and highly-engaged audiences are a catalyst for success. What is the best approach to harness this potential? Join Brad Brown (The Podcasting Academy) to learn about this.
5 Jul 2017 37 min