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Challenging the status quo with thought-provoking conversations that rock the boat. Sonia Booth is a wife, mother, author of 'How To Reinvent Yourself and Stay Relevant' and 'Surviving ICU', trustee and director of The Booth Education & Sports Trust (a non-profit public benefit organisation), and an inspirational speaker.
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Black Queer

OBie Mavuso - a filmmaker, musician and curator - unpacks abandonment issues and domestic violence in LGBTI relationships.
18 Dec 2018 34 min

Clever Is Who I Am... Stupid Is Who I Was!

Sonia looks at peer pressure, instant gratification, vulgar consumerism, and the challenges facing the youth through the eyes of Itumeleng Modiba - author and motivational speaker.
11 Dec 2018 25 min


Sonia Booth chats to Lauren Jacobs - a social justice journalist, author, poet, TED speaker, and minister - about the impact and influence of female leaders, pioneers and visionaries.
4 Dec 2018 52 min

Bringing Hope & Healing

Mara Glennie, founder of TEARS, shares her survival story... and Mark Jurgens explains his reasons for supporting the NPO, at a time when there is a threat to close their doors due to lack of funding.
27 Nov 2018 28 min

Creating a Powerhouse

Sonia chats to Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala about the balance of creating a powerhouse, without losing a sense of self.
20 Nov 2018 35 min

Woman to Woman

Sonia is in conversation with serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker Lebo Pule on all things controversial and acrimonious. From mistresses being labelled home-wreckers to honeytrap, papgeld and more.
13 Nov 2018 43 min

Smoking Dragon

The Smoking Dragon Festival is a project of the non-profit company R.A.I.S.E, aimed at bridging the gap between the heteronormative world and the LGBTQIA community. Sonia chats to DJ Taya Heath, and Ilsa Roberts - founder of the Smoking Dragon Festivals.
6 Nov 2018 26 min

The Passport Showcase

Sonia talks to Godfrey Madanhire, a life coach, motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur, and author about The Passport Showcase, which aims to help encourage Africans to unite and celebrate their diversity through, art, fashion, and dance.
30 Oct 2018 13 min

What Do I Stand For?

Sonia chats to Teko Ntimane and Matthew Booth about their selfless acts geared towards raising awareness and raising funds for various causes. Teko Ntimane is a BSc graduate, self-taught fashion designer, and seamstress. Matthew Booth is a former professional football player (now football analyst), Drug Free Sports & Premier Soccer…
23 Oct 2018 27 min

Parental Awareness & Support for Gen Z Matriculants

How is the current generation of matriculants dealing with the pressure of school and exams, and what can their parents do to help? Sonia is in conversation with Ann Falkov, a registered counseling psychologist and lecturer.
16 Oct 2018 22 min

Gifted in God

Sonia chats to musician, worship leader and singer-songwriter Collen Maluleke on all things 'Blessed & Highly Favoured'.
9 Oct 2018 40 min

Lessons From A Rainbow Unicorn

Samuel John Frederick Platt only lived for 15 and a half months, but he made an impact and left a legacy. Sonia chats to his dad, Fred Platt, about his meaningful footprints.
2 Oct 2018 35 min


Why is Afrikaans still compulsory in 2018? What motivates and determines the choice of a First Additional Language? Sonia unpacks this highly charged, emotional decision.
25 Sep 2018 20 min

Woman Enough Project

Sonia chats to toastmaster, student, and founder of the Woman Enough Project Jessica Rudzani Raliphada about the societal pressures that contribute to the high suicide rate among university students.
18 Sep 2018 38 min

Ubuntu Everest: Climbing with a Purpose

Sonia is in conversation with an award-winning mountaineer, a Mandela libraries ambassador, a social entrepreneur and business executive - Saray Khumalo. Saray plans to build more libraries through her mission to summit 7 highest peaks on the 7 continents around the world.
11 Sep 2018 39 min

My Rock, My Ride or Die, My Greek Goddess

Ex-footballer, entrepreneur, football analyst and motivational speaker Stanton ‘Stiga’ Fredericks talks about lessons learnt from 3 generations, the 3 leading ladies in his life.
4 Sep 2018 53 min

The Queen of 'Spy-Two'

Sonia chats to football coach and analyst Simphiwe Dludlu about her plans to coach in the USA, age cheating, and more.
21 Aug 2018 55 min

Baby Girl!

Life lessons from Big Sis Sonia.
14 Aug 2018 10 min

Self-Discovery & I Am Enough!

One is a doula and the other had 22 failed fertility attempts. There is no such thing as coincidence, the universe has a greater plan. Meet Sherry-Ann James and Adele Koolen.
7 Aug 2018 50 min
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