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Digital Influence is about digital transformation: what it means, how to do it, its challenges and how businesses around the world are succeeding with it. Digital transformation initiatives are now a high priority for business leaders. Changing the culture within organisations while also enhancing the customer experiences are no longer nice to haves, they are at the very heart of the future success of your business. Ryan Hogarth explores this new digital culture with guests who are at the forefront of the change.
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Taking your Start Up to London

Ryan chats to Scott Cundill. Originally they were going to talk about Scott's business, Majestic3 but it become more of a conversation about what it takes for a South African start up to set up shop in the UK. A fascinating listen for any locals looking to expand and earn…
17 May 2017 16 min

Customer Service is Not Good Enough

Customer service has been a focal point in business since there have been businesses. But tech-savvy customers today want more than just service. What is "customer experience" and why should it be an ongoing obsession for every business? Ryan chats with Lynn Baker, professional speaker and customer experience expert.
3 May 2017 16 min

The Digital Business Model

What exactly is "digital thinking" when we are looking to evolve our business models for the digital economy? Ryan takes a look at the common characteristics of businesses around the world which are finding success in digital transformation.
5 Apr 2017 15 min

Celebrity Service

We are learning every day that the more technological we become, the better we need to know our customers and customer service is at the heart of success. Ryan talks to global speaker Geoff Ramm on the 9 points of Celebrity Service.
22 Mar 2017 17 min

The 7 Mistakes you are making on LinkedIn

Ryan chats to Andy Preston who is the world's most recommended sales speaker. As a sales professional, he says LinkedIn is the best sales tool in 20 years - but most people are not using it well. Andy unpacks the 7 most common mistakes we all make with LinkedIn.
15 Mar 2017 17 min

Toxic HR Policies that need to be Killed

Ryan discusses 10 toxic HR policies that should be killed in any business going digital. These were taken from an article by Liz Ryan, a 30-year veteran of HR.
8 Mar 2017 14 min


Business gurus have for decades implored businesses to "think differently". The need for this has never been greater in the age of digital - but in this episode Ryan dives deeper into what "think different" means, and a way to do this which makes the future a lot more profitable.
22 Feb 2017 15 min

The Bit by Bit Disruption of Financial Services

The rapid, yet gradual, disruption of the financial sector is well underway. Ryan chats to FedGroup CEO Grant Field about this change and how investment and ownership is changing.
15 Feb 2017 15 min

The Now of Retail

We are firmly in the world of data and the insights it brings. Ryan chats with the country manager of Axis Communications, Roy Alves, about how the old security camera in your store is being redeployed to bring deep insights into customer behaviour, and how retail is using those to…
8 Feb 2017 15 min

Tour Guide to the Future

Ryan chats with one of the smartest people he's met. He is a Keynote Speaker, an Academic and Futurist. Pieter Geldenhuys talks about machine learning and editing our DNA... not so much a discussion about the future as it is about right now.
1 Feb 2017 16 min

The Future of Money

Money, like everything else, is going digital. What does this mean for the future of your money and the future of banking? Ryan chats to expert Raymond de Villiers.
25 Jan 2017 16 min

Communications Unite!

Being available for your customer is a challenge in a world of multi-communication platforms. Back in the 90s all you needed was a PO Box, a receptionist and a fax machine. Ryan chats to Kyle Woolf, CEO of Saicom, about how we collaborate and communicate with so many ways available…
18 Jan 2017 17 min

What's up with Video?

In 2016 there was much talk about the video take over of social media. Now, with live broadcast options available on various social platforms the stage is set for a video revolution. Ryan chats with Peter Du Toit from Future Work IQ about what this all means.
11 Jan 2017 15 min

We're Not Robots

Life in the 21st century is defined by transformation. The exponential advancement of technology provides the opportunity for humanity to co-evolve at a breathtaking rate. What does this mean for business... hat does it mean for the individual?
4 Jan 2017 14 min

Digital Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur in the age of the Internet provides the potential to build a global brand, but there are challenges and lots to think about. Ryan chats with Claude Schuck from Veeam Software about the journey.
21 Dec 2016 15 min

Solving the Logistics Dilemma

Digital transformation promises the merging of our offline and online worlds. So it is with commerce. 'E-Commerce' is today just 'commerce', but it requires solving the logistics (offline) challenges of selling online. Ryan chats with Justin Drennan of Parcel Ninja, who are doing just that.
14 Dec 2016 16 min

Bionic Banking

Ryan talks with Gasen Naidu of Cisco about Bionic Banking and the state of readiness of our banks for digital transformation, as viewed against customer expectations.
7 Dec 2016 15 min

Vagina Varsity goes Digital

Libresse has launched Vagina Varsity to get women (and men) talking about their bodies. Breaking taboos is an important start in allowing women to have real conversations about their bodies. With a small budget, this campaign is succeeding through digital distribution - as Ryan discovers chatting to Kerry Hibberd and…
30 Nov 2016 15 min

Raspberry Pi FTW

Considering the way the world is today, education in STEM is vital for the future of any country. Ryan talks to Melissa Naidoo from RS Components about their long-running initiative to get kids excited about engineering using the Raspberry Pi.
23 Nov 2016 15 min
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