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Gupta Wedding

The #Guptaleaks have been making the headlines for the last couple of months and the ladies thought it only fair to try figure out how the Gupta wedding ended up costing us over R30 million!
28 Jul 2017 25 min

Smoke & Mirrors

This podcast is directed specifically to the wedding suppliers who are starting out in the industry. The struggles of marketing on social media, imitation and focus on clients' needs are just some of the issues discussed.
14 Jul 2017 31 min

Supplier Arrest!

"Don't worry, we are very flexible, we can do anything for you." Common words from any sales pitch from a supplier. There's nothing worse than committing to a supplier and finding out - too late - that there are things that your supplier just won't do, or worse they want…
30 Jun 2017 34 min

Our 'PERFECT' Wedding

Finally the ladies share their opinions on TV shows about weddings. They mention all the popular ones and what they think works and doesn't work.
23 Jun 2017 26 min

Couples Counseling = Failed Marriage

The ladies have a very eye-opening discussion with a psychologist about couples counseling and common issues that newlyweds struggle with.
7 Jun 2017 39 min

Wedding Jitters?

Khali and Ntombi chat to a future bride on her challenges and how she is keeping sane during the planning process.
1 Jun 2017 39 min

Have a Seat!

Furniture can really make a huge difference to the aesthetic of your wedding. The ladies speak to furniture experts to fully understand the furniture dynamics. Have a seat, and join us!
29 May 2017 35 min

What does a Wedding Planner do anyway?

The ladies really get down to the details of what a wedding planner does and what they might cost. Get the real scoop on which services are included and which ones definitely are NOT!
18 May 2017 50 min

Events that won't Bore your Guests!

If you are hosting a braai, a wedding or an event - this is a must listen! The ladies chat to an avid event attender - aka influencer - regarding what makes events work and what makes them flop. This is also a great post-mortem on the stunning #ColinCowieJHB2017 function…
12 May 2017 57 min

Do you have Style?

The ladies speak to a designer and stylist about what to consider when choosing colours, silhouettes and accessories for your entire bridal party. Not everyone looks good in pink!
21 Apr 2017 32 min

What Are You Talking About?

When you go to a restaurant, do you immediately just ask for breakfast? No, right? So why would you ask a wedding supplier to quote you on a wedding with no further information? The ladies speak about how to correctly brief your suppliers.
30 Mar 2017 49 min

Which Dress is Best?

Wedding dresses are perhaps the most important dress a woman will wear in her life, so there's bound to be a world of stress that comes with making the choice for the dress! The ladies focus on store bought wedding dresses, with some experts in studio.
16 Mar 2017 44 min

The Lesbian Urge to Merge!

Gay weddings have come a long way in South Africa. Although some couples do struggle with getting suppliers to service a gay wedding, the ladies came across a beautiful lesbian couple who tell them about their journey.
9 Mar 2017 40 min

What's Mine is Mine!

The dreaded prenup! Many weddings are called off due to disagreements caused by the ante-nuptial contract. The ladies unpack some misconceptions with an attorney in studio.
2 Mar 2017 49 min

Where Should I get Married: CT vs JHB?

No one can deny the beauty that is in Cape Town, and it's becoming a huge trend to have weekend weddings in Cape Town. The ladies speak to a venue and some excellent florists about what differences the city has to offer.
23 Feb 2017 48 min

A Venue in the Countryside

Choosing a wedding venue is always a daunting task! A wedding venue in the countryside with a garden is a very common choice in Joburg. The ladies speak to Jaco from one of Johannesburg's most prestigious wedding venues.
16 Feb 2017 42 min

To Pin or not to Pin!

Pinterest has taken over the lives of brides worldwide! Is it a great tool or your worst discovery? Khali and Ntombi talk about the age of Pinterest and how best to use it.
2 Feb 2017 39 min

Shall We Dance?

Two of the most daunting words to a couple during the wedding planning process can be, FIRST DANCE! We have all seen some versions of very awkward (sometimes even painful to watch) and funny first dances. It doesn't have to be that way. Khali chats to a choreographer about some…
26 Jan 2017 43 min

Black & White

South Africa is still struggling with black and white and even more with interracial relationships. No doubt that it may be one of the hardest things to endure to constantly be judged for your relationship. Khali and Ntombi speak to Tumi about her wedding to a white Englishman! Hear all…
19 Jan 2017 43 min

Forget Me Nots!

Planning a wedding has so many things you need to consider, book, and execute that many times you forget small details that may make your wedding day a disaster... yes, disaster! The ladies speak about what not to forget to make your wedding day go smoothly.
12 Jan 2017 47 min
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