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The Ask Coach Coach Parry Cycling cycling podcast is hosted by Brad Brown and features Cycling Coach Devlin Eyden. Working out of the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria, Devlin is one of the best cycling coaches around. Every other day he answers one listener question on this thrice weekly podcast.

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Racing on feel - Jameel Haffejee's one on one coaching call

On today's episode of RIDE with Coach Parry, Coach Devlin and I catch up with fellow South African Jameel Haffejee to answer all of his questions. We chat about Jameel's cycling background, how he got into the sport, and how long he's been cycling for.

Devlin advises Jameel on how to achieve his goals, how to approach training for his upcoming race, as well as how to plan his race day strategy and pacing.
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Are you racing too much?

We are often spoiled for choice with races in South Africa, but how much racing is too much? Devlin gives some great insight and advice on how to structure your races into your training plan. 

If you're looking for some guidance with your training, check out the CoachParry Online Training Club, where you can access over 60 of our training programs as well as to Devlin and all our other coaches as well in our member's only forum.
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Should I be preparing now for a multi-day stage race in 8 months time?

Today on RIDE with CoachParry, we answer a great question from one of members in the CoachParry Online Training Club who has a stage race in 8 months time (Cape Pioneer). She wanted to know what she should be doing now in order to be fully fit and ready for the start line in 8 months time. Devlin gives some info on what would be ideal for training now and how to stay motivated for the next 8 months, so that you're ready to smash your next PB in 8 months time!

If you're looking for some cycling coaching for your next race, be sure to check out the CoachParry Online Training Club, where you get access to all our cycling programs as well as all our coaches on a members only forum.
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What's the best way to start training again after falling off the festive-season-wagon

Did your training fall by the wayside over the festive season? Devlin and Brad discuss the best way for you to get back into training, where to pick up on your training program and how best to find the motivation to get back on the wagon. 

If you're looking for some guidance with your cycling training, have a look at the CoachParry Online Training Platform. Here you get access to our entire library of programs as well as members only access to chat to all our coaches on the forums. CLICK HERE for more information 
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What should you look for in a cycling coach?

When you're looking for a cycling coach, do you know what to look for to get the best coach to suit you? Qualifications? Experience? Status? Devlin and Brad discuss things to look out for or to investigate when choosing the right coach for you. 
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Everything you need to know about FTP (Functional Threshold Power) testing

FTP or Functional Threshold Power is quite the buzz word, especially around most cycling circles. But what does it mean? What is the use of doing a FTP test? When is the best time to do the test? Will it be specific to my event as a cyclist or triathlete? Coach Devlin gives all these answers and how the results are best utilized in today's episode of RIDE with CoachParry
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What is the point of an LSD (long-slow-distance) ride?

Today's question on RIDE with CoachParry comes from one of our members in the CoachParry Training Platform - asking what is the purpose of doing LSD (long, slow, distance) ride? Coach Devlin gives insights into why these types of sessions are so important and why we should not be skipping them. Devlin and Brad chat about what is the right intensity to do these rides at and why it is so easy to slip out of the right intensity. 
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All you need to know about the 2018 Telkom 947 route change

The 2018 Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge has switched the route around this year. Our cycling coach Devlin and Brad discuss the changes to the route and what you can expect on race day and how to change up your pacing on the day. Coach Devlin also offers some race week tips leading up to the big day. 
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Supplements on the bike - What do I need?

What nutrition should we be taking in on the bike? On today's episode of RIDE with CoachParry, Coach Devlin gives us the low-down on supplements and what we should be taking in while on the road and if you're training indoors
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Are 3 group rides a week sufficient to train for a multi-day stage race?

Today's question on RIDE with CoachParry comes from our athletes in our member's forum - When training for a multi-day stage race; are the three clubs rides per week sufficient to get you prepared for these types of events? Coach Devlin and Brad discuss whether these are enough or if cyclists should be doing something different in their programs to maximise their preparations. Coach Devlin explains the benefit of structuring your programs to suit your race.
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