The Real Network In Conference with Michael Jackson

In Conference with Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a professional speaker who leaves a lasting impression. As a global conference speaker on Change, host Michael Jackson has already spoken at nearly 3000 conferences around the world to critical acclaim. This show is where you get to meet the people he meets on and off-stage. Business leaders, gurus, icons, entrepreneurs and thought and opinion shapers. Each 15 minute episode provides insight into what makes these people tick; and uncovers ideas and thoughts that you can apply to your life and career. A natural storyteller, Jackson engages naturally with his guests and it’s compulsive listening.
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Miles Kubheka

Miles Kubheka was a successful I.T. guy who decided to quit his job to open up a food truck. He was inspired by the television ad and made it into reality, branding his food business "Vuyo's". Miles now owns a restaurant in Vilakazi Street, Soweto... and is opening another restaurant…
28 Mar 2017 14 min

Dorianne Weil

Dorianne Weil is a well-known psychologist who has done numerous interventions, workshops and conferences. She speaks about acceptance and belonging in humans.
21 Mar 2017 16 min

Andy Preston

Andy Preston was a professional buyer who changed to a professional seller. Andy has a top performing sales career where he rose from being a newbie who was hopeless at selling, to the top salesperson in the country.
14 Mar 2017 15 min

David Hilton-Barber

David Hilton-Barber has worked as a journalist, public relations consultant, and is the author of many books. He is also an Associate Member of the Professional Editors Guild.
7 Mar 2017 13 min

Franco D'Onofrio

Founding partner of a boutique PR agency, Franco D'Onofrio has a passion for the marketing industry. His company specialises in media brands and helps clients unpack their brands to their clients. An info and news junkie, Franco also has a passion for food and cooking.
28 Feb 2017 15 min

Brand Pretorius

Brand Pretorius is a successful man who has received numerous national marketing, motor industry and leadership awards - including Marketing Person of the Year, Automobil Man of the Year and Boss of the Year. He has also published a book titled, 'In the Driving Seat - Lessons in Leadership'.
21 Feb 2017 15 min

Melissa Hogarth

In her mid forties, Melissa Hogarth made the challenging decision to start a new career in a field that is as arty as it is technical. A passionate photographer and keen videographer, she has taken her PR/marketing experience and applied it to her photography sessions.
14 Feb 2017 15 min

Cyrus Rogers

Cyrus is an MC known as 'the man with the velvet voice'. He has spent the last 10 years producing television scripting, directing, recording voice overs and more. Cyrus has always had a love for the spoken and written message and knows how to keep his audiences entertained.
7 Feb 2017 14 min

Bev Hancock

Bev Hancock is a Business Leadership Strategist, facilitator and inspirational speaker. She believes in the power of conversation to transform the way we live and work. Bev's role is to co-create strategic thinking spaces and the skillset for leaders and their teams to have the conversations that release leadership potential,…
31 Jan 2017 15 min

Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi

Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi has an insatiable desire to see the exponential growth of business in Africa, as well as a passion for the development of Africa’s greatest resource – its people. An active Associate Director of Deloitte, he is part of the Technology and Outsourcing team that is a strategic…
24 Jan 2017 15 min

Zipho Sikhakhane

Zipho Sikhakhane is an international speaker, business writer and advisor. She has a passion for business and started her own business at the age of five. Zipho received a full scholarship in Cape Town and achieved an MBA from Stanford University.
17 Jan 2017 14 min

Maureen Grobler

Maureen Grobler is an image specialist who speaks about unlocking people’s personal brand and helping them to feel confident. It's about self-worth, contributing to who you are as a person and how you see yourself. Her passion lies with people and her approach is "less is more" in terms of…
10 Jan 2017 15 min

Christien Groothof

Christien Groothof is the Project Director of Duke Corporate Education. She speaks about how they specialise in helping leaders to drive their business differently.
3 Jan 2017 15 min

Rusty Labuschagne

Rusty Labuschagne is a successful businessman, formerly from Zimbabwe. He suffered an unfortunate incident where he was wrongfully convicted of drowning a poacher, and served 10 years in Zimbabwe’s notorious prison. Rusty shares his inspirational story of how he survived his time in prison, eating only one meal a day…
20 Dec 2016 14 min

Mark Keating

Mark Keating is the CEO of the Sales Guru. He does in-house training and is also a speaker. Mark believes that to be successful in the sales industry you need to have the right attitude, love what you do, believe in yourself, have the right mindset, and have a passion…
13 Dec 2016 15 min

Andy Appalsamy

Andy Appalsamy is the Managing Director of an events company and very passionate about her job. Andy speaks about delivering excellent service to clients and how one needs to be passionate, attentive to detail, work with the right people, and have good suppliers.
6 Dec 2016 16 min

Adriana Marais

Adriana Marais is a potential Mars astronaut. She wants to be one of the first settlers on the planet. Adriana is aware that this a one-way trip to Mars and is quite happy to go ahead. The first settlers on Mars will be trained before leaving Earth so they can…
29 Nov 2016 15 min

Kerry Manning Colson

Kerry Manning Colson is a strong, positive woman who broke through an abusive marriage. She has a passion for helping people and says that there 5 things that make a fabulous woman: Networking, Positivity, Motivation, Inspiration, and Creativity.
22 Nov 2016 14 min

Greg Blandford

Greg Blandford is passionate about renewable energy. He works for Rubicon, which is one of three authorised resellers of the Tesla home battery system. Michael finds out more about this groundbreaking technology.
15 Nov 2016 15 min

Kobus Wiese

Former Rugby player Kobus Wiese was part of the winning squad of the Rugby World Cup in 1995. He is a successful entrepreneur but still sees himself as a regular person who feels very blessed.
8 Nov 2016 15 min
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