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Handling your Fiddle Leaf Fig with Lifestyle Home Garden

The super fashionable Ficus Lyrata commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the trendiest indoor plants and has recently had a resurgence in popularity because of its beautifully shaped leaves and elegant form. The fiddle leaf fig is a lush, broad-leafed small tree that will add a touch of wild and a sense of jungle to your home. Armed with great info from Lifestyle Home Garden to help you flourish with your Fiddle Leaf Fig, Gareth and the team look at the practical tools to help you keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig alive and thriving.
Lifestyle Home Garden

Counting Down to #GenNext2018

"Gareth and Siya excitedly count down to the 2018 Sunday Times Generation Next Conference and Awards Ceremony, giving a rundown of their involvement on a panel this year."

Caring for & Growing Citrus with Lifestyle Home Garden

Our friends at Lifestyle Home Garden have given us practical tools to help you grow and care for your citrus trees. Nothing beats the pleasure of picking a fresh lemon from your very own tree to dress a salad, add to a refreshing ice tea or soothe a cold. Gareth and the team chat about growing your own citrus tree, as easy as ABC.
Lifestyle Home Garden

Watering Your Plants with Lifestyle Home Garden

Although not all plants have the same watering needs, many a plant can be rescued and a lot of water can be saved by sticking to a few basic watering guidelines. Our friends from Lifestyle Home Garden have some practical tools to help you know how much and when to water your plants (indoor and outdoor).
Lifestyle Home Garden

Plants for your Bathroom with Lifestyle Home Garden

High humidity and warmth from running hot baths and showers in what is often one of the coldest rooms in the house, combined with the fact that most bathrooms have small windows and low light conditions, create an environment in which only certain houseplants will thrive. There are many plants that can easily cope in the bathroom and will turn your bathroom space into the lush, green environment you’ve been wanting. Get some handy tips from our friends at Lifestyle Home Garden.
Lifestyle Home Garden

Caring for your Orchids with Lifestyle Home Garden

Our friends at Lifestyle Home Garden have given us some practical tasks to help you care for and keep your orchids alive. Even though orchids look very delicate and many find caring for them a daunting task, they are much tougher than people think. Gareth Cliff shares a few simple basic care instructions that will help you ensure these indoor beauties light up your home and life. Get more info on orchid care here.
Lifestyle Home Garden

The Elegant Group

Committed to transformation within the fuel industry, the Elegant Group is so much more than just a fuel and service station company. Ryno Strydom and Tshepo Dhlamini join Gareth in studio to talk about how they are looking to revolutionise the industry, what sets them apart from their competition, plus how you can win a brand new car and free fuel for a year!
Elegant Group

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