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One Thing for the Week: Your Weapon of Choice

With the increase of crime and violence in South Africa, it's important to be able to protect yourself if anything ever had to happen. Gareth encourages you to get a weapon that you are completely comfortable with, that you can use to protect yourself in times of danger.

One Thing for the Week: What Do You Think of Yourself?

The task for this week is to unleash your inner Michelangelo and draw a self-portrait. The whole purpose of this exercise is to reveal what you think of yourself and discover how you truly view yourself. The upside about this is that you don’t have to show anyone your drawing.

One Thing for the Week: Self Improvement 101

Gareth proposes a real challenge this week - ask three people who you value highly in your life to share one thing they absolutely don't like about you. Then you have until the end of the year to improve... can you do it?

Gareth Reflects on Larry King's Legacy

He surprised, upset and puzzled most people with how he conducted his radio and TV interviews. Plus he was married a total of eight times in his lifetime! Gareth shares two things he will always associate with the iconic broadcasting legend, Larry King.

One Thing for the Week: I'll Just Never Do That

Gareth will never have a sex change, Leigh-Ann will never be a billionaire, and Siya will never have sex with a girl... not that we ever thought he would. The team shares why it's important to create a list of things that you will never do for your own peace of mind.

One Thing for the Week: Thanks Councillor, I'm Full

As one ages, there are two things that must mature: your mind and your palate. This week, try food that's not on your usual menu, food that ‘scares' you. If don't feel so brave - or don't have a stomach made of cement - why not write an e-mail to your ward councillor (or at least tag them on a social media post) about something positive that has happened under their watch.

One Thing for the Week: Family Feud

Call your parents or a relative you haven’t spoken to for a long time and sort out a feud that needs to be put to bed. Everyone has some ongoing feud that is doing them more damage than good. So for this week, call up the cousin you hate and wish them well for the new year. They might keep on being an arsehole, but you can start the year with a clear conscience and be the better person. That irritating old relative that nobody in the family likes? Phone them and say hi. Reconnect with an estranged parent. It might be one of the best things you ever do, or it could just be a noble gesture.

Er, that’s it.

Financial Troubleshooting post Lockdown with Joe Cimino

Your home is not an ATM. What does it mean to replace short-term debt with long-term debt? If you are downgrading your vehicle, what should you do with the insurance premium for the new one? Is debt consolidation a good idea? Stop using your credit cards! Kids and divorce are a cost, and you need to learn to talk about these realities. When should we be having kids? Get real or go broke.

How to become Debt-Free in 2020 with Joe Cimino

Joe Cimino is back for the first time in 2020 and he's come out with all guns blazing! Turns out, if the credit card is in your wallet, you are signing your own financial death warrant. Speaking of death, are funeral policies financial grim reapers? What is insurance, and how do we know if we are getting fair returns on our premiums long term? Joe also has his say on the price of wedlock... forget money, your mortality may be at stake.

Ted Blom (Independent Energy Analyst)

How deep do the effects of corruption run within Eskom? Who are the people who have led this march to ruin? What does that mean for the ordinary taxpayer? Ted Blom is back to untangle the different 'stages' of what feels like Eskom's inevitable demise. From being a crown jewel in the State's portfolio, Eskom is now a burdensome noose around the neck of all of South Africa's citizenry. How long will it take Eskom to get their act together? Is there light at the end of the tunnel, or is loadshedding part of a 'dark' future for our country?


As we lead up to the festive season, the time of giving, here’s a new way for you to make a difference in the lives of those who might need it. TBWA Hunt Lascaris co-founder Reg Lascaris and Wetherlys founder Nick Davies tell Gareth how their band, Uncorked, is giving proceeds from their music to the Kusasa Project - an early learning school for underprivileged kids - and they'd like you to do the same.

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