The Good Stuff

Brent Lindeque, the good news guy, has been spreading positivity since his South African Random Act of Kindness #neknomination went viral. Showcasing all things positive, 'The Good Stuff' aims to put a smile on people's dials and provide a welcome relief from the daily grind. With compelling and inspirational interviews and a healthy dose of humour, Brent searches for good news stories from around the world every week.
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Love Life Gift Life

Imagine needing to get a double lung transplant twice in the space of 10 years! Today’s guest, Alice Vogt - the only person in South Africa to have a double lung transplant twice - joins us to chat about her journey.
5 Dec 2017 52 min

Surviving a Deadly Snakebite

What would you do if a deadly Mozambique Spitting Cobra latched onto your finger while in bed at a swanky lodge in South Africa… hundreds of kilometres from any emergency assistance? After a year of rehabilitation, John Frankiskos joins us in studio to share his inspirational story of survival.
28 Nov 2017 1 hr 09 min

Love Your Neighbour

Brent and Kerri catch up on all the good things happening in and around SA, and welcome Afro rock duo Stones and Bones in to studio to find out what they are doing to diversify different genres of music and put a new fresh spin on entertainment.
21 Nov 2017 46 min

All Things SA

Brent goes live all the way from New York City, while Kerri holds the fort in SA at the studio, together with our Modern Day Elves from The Santa Shoebox Project. We also touch base with the ladies from Huddle Up and find out what incredible things they are doing…
7 Nov 2017 1 hr 05 min

Check your Breasts!

This week Brent and Kerri catch up on the #MKRSA journey, Abu Dhabi trips, a Cape Town food project and bring you the top 5 good news stories. Plus they chat to the team from the Breast Health Foundation and Huddle Up.
24 Oct 2017 53 min

Food For Thought

Brent and Kerri catch up on the trending good news stories. They also chat to two young men who are bringing food and innovation together - listen as they share their creation on the show.
17 Oct 2017 54 min

Sunshine After The Rain

Brent and Kerri chat to the ladies from SACAP about making a difference through positive change with the help of psychology and their initiatives. Plus the latest good news stories from around the country.
10 Oct 2017 42 min

Catching up with #MKRSA

Andrew Ross joins Brent Lindeque & Kerri Stein in studio to chat about 'My Kitchen Rules South Africa' (#MKRSA) and their instant restaurant night.
3 Oct 2017 50 min

Running 5000km for Charity

Brent and Kerri chat to an extreme adventurer, as well as a corporate creating employment for South African youth... while still bringing you the only good news charting show in South Africa.
25 Jul 2017 45 min

Dancing for 67 Minutes!

Brent, Kerri and the #Move4Goodness team dedicate their entire show (plus 7 minutes) to dancing for Madiba... and raising LOADS of money.
18 Jul 2017 45 min

Finding the Good Stuff

Bell Pottinger, losing weight and racism. Finding the good stuff in all our current news!
11 Jul 2017 45 min

Women Inpowered

Brent and the girls from Huddle Up chat to Mark Grobbler, a man who started an empowerment program after his friend Alison was abducted outside her home by two men who raped, stabbed and disemboweled her, finally slashing her throat to make sure she was dead. She survived and inspired…
4 Jul 2017 49 min

Wonder Women

Brent and Kerri interview incredible women doing amazing things for South Africans that need it most… plus they bring you the top 5 trending good news stories and a travel catch up.
27 Jun 2017 43 min

Knysna Fires & How to Help

Brent and Kerri speak to S’onqoba Maseko - COO of the Sifiso Learning Group. They also give you all the information you need to know about the Garden Route fires… and how to help.
13 Jun 2017 46 min

Taking Technology to Rural Schools

Brent and Kerri bring you the top trending good news stories from around the world. They also find out how Wipro and the IDC are partnering together to create technology access for rural school learners.
6 Jun 2017 46 min

John Edward

Brent and Kerri speak to internationally renowned psychic medium, John Edward - ahead of his upcoming tour to South Africa. They also chat to Khanyi Madlala who is collecting 100 blankets for the homeless.
30 May 2017 49 min
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