When the Spice Girls burst onto the scene talking girl power it felt like the whole world had suddenly woken up to the power of the feminine. But actually it had just been reignited by the power of youth. Fast Forward 20 years and Girl Power is all grown up. The multi-tasking, high flying, cooking, cleaning, boardroom smashing and yummy mummying new age woman is here. We’ve been taught that a Jack of all trades in master of none... well, on Womandla! we think they should have asked Jill cause she is proving to be a mistress of them all! We are talking: Boardrooms, Bedrooms and Bars Heels and Wheels Waxes and Taxes - in fact, if it affects the life of a woman it’s on Womandla!
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The Emotional Side of Money

It’s Money on Womandla! day and the team always discusses the serious, structured side of money. This time, Michelle Dave and Phumi talk the emotions and vibrations of money with money consciousness coach, Busi Selesho.
24 May 2017 53 min

What Women are Missing about Men

The hashtags are real and they are harsh. South African men are getting the hard end of the stick every day on social media. This week's girl talk is having a heart to heart with the creator and publisher of Marvin - the popular online men’s magazine - about what…
17 May 2017 52 min

Lessons from Motherhood

Has becoming a mother made you a better daughter? We're chatting with two very different mothers about what they have learnt of their relationships with their mothers since becoming mothers themselves.
10 May 2017 47 min

The Dos & Don'ts of Divorce (Update)

Statistics SA shows that there is a growing trend of marriages ending in divorce in SA and that twice as many women file for divorce than men. Divorce is an emotionally charged and scary environment for women and for this reason they make many mistakes during the ordeal that leaves…
26 Apr 2017 1 hour

How to Junk Status-Proof Yourself

Phumi is talking money with Michelle Dave again and they try answer the question on everybody’s lips - how to Junk status-proof yourself.
19 Apr 2017 51 min

Autism: The Facts

From Rain Man to Forrest Gump... we all have some view of what Autism is about, and it’s shaped by media. Phumi dispels the myths and talks facts with C.A.R.E. founder and O.T. practitioner Rozanne Riback.
12 Apr 2017 52 min

Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Update)

It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week and Phumi Mashigo puts the spotlight on the young and old, male and female, who suffer with eating disorders, often in silence. She’s joined by the organiser and facilitator of this awareness campaign, Lize van Wyk, who is also a recovering anorexic. Then, to lighten…
5 Apr 2017 55 min

Does Pussy Have Power?

The posters read Pussy Power and so Phumi wanted to know if it’s all just hype - or the real deal. Mandisa O. Mahlobo is in studio talking about how her seminar this coming weekend could change your relationship.
29 Mar 2017 48 min

How to Survive Rape: Panic Slowly

Rape is about power! Women are violated to take away their power. Phumi’s guest Lulu has survived and shares her powerful story.
15 Mar 2017 49 min

Real Girl Talk with Chanita Foster

It’s International Women’s Day and while everybody else is going to try and be serious about women’s issues, we on Womandla! are getting back to the real girl talk with reality TV star, Chanita Foster. We’re talking babies, depression, identity, money, giving... and just generally the life of being a…
8 Mar 2017 52 min

Budget Breakdown

It's every girl's quintessential budget breakdown today! Michelle Dave is in studio to tell us how to get back on top after Pravin's revelations last week.
1 Mar 2017 48 min

Reading can be Fun in the Mother Tongue

In celebration of International Mother Language Day, Phumi chats to pioneering bookstore owner/curator Griffin Shea of Bridge Books about their bilingual story time that they host every Saturday. They also discuss where to find South African language books for your pre-scholar that are fun and will help them learn their…
22 Feb 2017 51 min

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Work is hard to find... and when you have it it is even harder to climb to the top, especially for women. Phumi speaks to executive search specialists Mosima Selekisho and Ignacio Bao from Signup and Talent Africa, and Non-Executive Board Director at Meropa about how to make the jump…
15 Feb 2017 54 min

Blurred Lines

Love is in the air and everybody is getting all touchy and feely because Valentine's Day is around the corner - but where do you draw the line at work, and how do you survive the dreaded date rape scenarios?
8 Feb 2017 43 min

Young, Single & Pregnant

Young, single and having her first baby, Felicity shares her experience in a super girl talk experience.
1 Feb 2017 50 min

Making Money Your B!tch

It’s the first money show of the year and Phumi is talking about the hot stocks to buy right now. How to get your money to work for you in 2017 is the focus. Michelle Dave is in studio and Financial Mail’s editor, Rob Rose, talks us through his top…
25 Jan 2017 48 min

School: What is the Alternative?

It's the first day back at school and the traffic jolted Phumi back into the discussion about whether traditional school is still the best option. Two parents who know how the alternative has worked for their kids share their experiences.
18 Jan 2017 55 min

Taking the Plunge

Do you want to take the jump and make your own business grow? Does it work? Tepsii did it and retired her husband within 18 months, and she is in studio talking business, being a working mom, and all about being a Venda-American.
11 Jan 2017 48 min

Your Astrological & Spiritual 2017

Because it’s the beginning of the year, because it’s the right thing to do and to prepare for the year ahead - Phumi goes through the zodiac predictions from AstrologyZone... and Gogo Dineo Ndhlazi comes into studio to spell out the spiritual meaning of the year ahead.
4 Jan 2017 47 min
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