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Frankly Speaking looks at topical issues through the eyes of young people doing amazing things. Hosts Andrew Levy and Rorisang Tshabalala take on everything from politics to social issues to lifestyle. Join them for a often provocative, sometimes amusing look at the country and world we live in.
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Sanibonani Nonke! In the final #FranklySpeaking show, Andrew and Rori look back at the more than 150 shows that they’ve aired, along with the lessons learnt. In it they discover that in trying to change the world through this medium, it is them that experienced the most profound change. Thank…
6 Dec 2017 56 min


Andrew and Rori look back at a dense year in South Africa and the moments that have stood out for them, joined by Chris Vick. It’s all in there - from the hope that civil society represents for our country, to Life Esidimeni and the needless loss of lives.
29 Nov 2017 57 min

What Just Happened In Zimbabwe?

On the day after the announcement of Robert Mugabe’s resignation following a two week military stand-off and coup that wasn’t a coup, Andrew and Rori speak to award-winning Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Rugoho-Chin’ono to get an “all you need to know” perspective on what actually happened... and what the future looks…
22 Nov 2017 52 min

Is Data the new Gold?

As the 4th Industrial Revolution beckons, wealth and power are no longer defined by access to natural resources, but by access to data and the ability to analyse and use it. This has major implications for individuals, entire nations and the continents at large as companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix…
15 Nov 2017 1 hr 01 min

How Do We Rethink The African Healthcare System?

It’s the age old story... African President falls sick, African President gets onto a plane to some country in the first world to get medical attention. If those tasked with stewardship of our public health systems are not confident enough in them to put their own lives in the hands…
8 Nov 2017 53 min

Farm Murders & Black Monday

In the week of the infamous Black Monday marches, Rori speaks to a white farmer and community leader, Johan Abrie, about the facts and the myths about farm murders - along with Black Monday and whether it was indeed a good idea or not.
1 Nov 2017 55 min

Beyond The Guptas: What South Africa Should Be Focusing On

It appears that beyond capturing the state, the Guptas have successfully managed to capture the collective attention of the whole country. In a time when the Guptas seem to be all we ever talk about, Andrew and Rori speak to Luke Jordan (CEO, Grassroot) who believes that in obsessing about…
25 Oct 2017 1 hr 03 min

Do Good People Finish Last?

We talk to CEO of Letsema Holdings Derek Thomas. Letsema used to be McKinsey's BEE partner until the Gupta-backed Trillion took their place. Derek talks about the trials and tribulations of being an ethical company and ethical leader, as well as what it's like to be a black-owned professional body…
18 Oct 2017 1 hr 01 min

Is there a way to change SA's major economic challenges (Part 4)?

Is there a way to change SA's major economic challenges? In part 4 of this series the Frankly Speaking team find out how big business can change the game in SA? Andrew and Rory speak to Sub Saharan MD of Goldman Sachs Colin Coleman about what big business is doing,…
4 Oct 2017 1 hr 01 min

Is There a Way to Change SA’s Major Economic Challenges (Part 3)?

How can entrepreneurs change the game in South Africa? We speak to two entrepreneurs, Ross Esson and Josh Cherry, about their model of entrepreneurship and how they treat the people that work with them as owners, rather than cogs in a chain. For more on the series check out part…
27 Sep 2017 1 hr 01 min

Is There a Way to Change SA’s Major Economic Challenges (Part 2)?

How can unions and labour help? A conversation with SAFTU General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi. Rori and Andrew explore openly the role of unions to help or hinder South Africa. What a union looks like when it is captured and how labour could change the game in terms of major economic…
20 Sep 2017 1 hr 01 min

Is There a Way to Change SA's Major Economic Challenges (Part 1)?

In this episode we focus on reimagining education. How might we as a country reimagine education to get more high potential young people the education they need in order to succeed? We speak to MD of Umuzi, Gilbert Pooley, to find out more about how and why he is reimagining…
6 Sep 2017 1 hr 02 min

Should South Africa Have An Early Election?

Without skipping a beat, following the failure of the eighth vote of no confidence on President Jacob Zuma, the Democratic Alliance announced that it would be mounting yet another attempt to have the president removed by filing a motion for parliament to be dissolved and an early "emergency" election to…
30 Aug 2017 56 min

What Is Zuma's End Game?

It's another crazy time in South African politics where the Zuma faction of the ANC seems to be scoring a lot of own-goals, to the extent that questions have been asked about how Zuma plans on all of this ending. With 783 corruption charges still hanging over his head and…
23 Aug 2017 59 min

Understanding Politics 101

South African politics tends to be dynamic, fast-moving and downright confusing. Even if you try to avoid it and run away from it, it seems to follow you into the workplace, social events and the family dinner table. In the start of this series Andrew and Rori speak to Makashule…
16 Aug 2017 1 hour

Black Skins/White Schools

In the wake of the racism scandal at prestigious Johannesburg school, St John's College, Andrew and Rori tackle the issue of how black learners are treated and the sense of belonging they have in elite private and former Model C schools that were reserved exclusively for white learners under apartheid…
2 Aug 2017 1 hour

White People in Black Spaces

Andrew and Rori look at racial taboos that still affect our country and speak to people who have overcome them, specifically people who have gone beyond the psychological and social barriers that to this day keep the majority of white people outside of communities - and even professions that were…
26 Jul 2017 56 min

Leadership Lessons from a Winning Coach

Rori and Andrew sit down with Gavin Hunt, coach of Premier Soccer League champions Bidvest Wits, to discuss his leadership philosophy and principles... and to ask him what his secret is that allows him to turn average teams into winning teams.
19 Jul 2017 56 min

Dr Makhosi Khoza (Part 2)

Following on from part 1, Andrew and Rori speak to ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza about her views on the ANC, assasination attempts, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, and whether or not the ANC is dead. She holds nothing back in this deeply personal account of what it's like to be in the…
12 Jul 2017 57 min

Dr Makhosi Khoza (Part 1)

In this in-depth interview, Andrew and Rori speak to ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza who, in recent times, has come out accusing ANC leaders of immorality. They touch on everything from her personal leadership philosophy, to what she thinks of the ANC Women's League and the ANC Youth League.
5 Jul 2017 56 min
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