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Presented by Teboho Mafodi and Bulelani Balabala, 360 Biz is a show that brings many viewpoints to the table on “all things business”. Incorporating all stakeholders – established business, government, SMMEs, entrepreneurs, professionals and legislators – to tackle and provide practical solutions for real challenges facing African businesses – big, small, formal and informal.

The Business of Transport & Tourism

Transportation and travel cannot be discussed without taking tourism into consideration, and tourism cannot thrive without travel. Transportation is an integral part of the tourism industry, it is largely due to the improvement of transportation that tourism has expanded. October is Transport Month in South Africa and it's used to raise awareness on the important role of transport in the economy. Teboho Mafodi and Bulelani Balabala chat to Neo Mangope - founder of The Right Brain Factory - and Mpho Mache, Director of Tshuku Transport Services.

Grow your sales

How do you grow your sales team and get them to grow independently as a sales force? Bulelani chats to international renowned speaker and author Mr KK Diaz of A-game consultancy to answer these questions and more.

Legacy Entrepreneurs

There’s a small group of entrepreneurs who are usually committed to one successful venture. However, this type is inspired to leave something behind of lasting importance and value to their customers, industry, families, communities and loyal employees. They stand for a social cause that is bigger than they are. Looking beyond their own lives, they work to build an image and reputation of an industry, community leadership and citizenship. These types of entrepreneurs are called legacy entrepreneurs. They find meaning in creating something of significant and lasting value from their corner of the world, whereever that corner is. Busi Raphekwane, Nthabiseng Mokgosi, Pontso Hlakoane and Timothy Maurice Webster join the discussion with Bulelani Balabala.

Funding for Entrepreneurs

This show look at access to funding, markets, and business finance challenges - including BEE obligations. How are these factors impacting the real state of entrepreneurship in South Africa? Joining Teboho Mafodi in Studio to unpack these issues is Moxima Gama - Senior Technical Analyst for The Money Hub, Xoliswa Daku - CEO of DCI Holdings and Daku Group of Companies, Samke Mhlongo - Wealth Coach and Founder of TNC Wealth Partners, and Karabo Mathebula from StartUpGrind.

State of Youth Entrepreneurship

South Africa needs to find new ways and wide-ranging structural reforms to boost growth and job creation, and improve inclusivity. With 54% youth unemployment and a slow growth economy, a solution that is a win-win for business and unemployed youth is a story worth telling. Joining Teboho Mafodi and Bulelani Balabala in studio are Mokete Sekgonyane from Nubikoms, Sicelo Mbonane from Township Entrepreneurs Network, and Bongi Radebe from Taste of Legends.

Buying from Small Business

There are 400 small business owners across 22 sectors in South Africa. According to previous findings by World Wide Worx, there are an estimated 650,000 small businesses in South Africa, employing around 7.8 million people. Teboho Mafodi and Bulelani Balabala are joined by Mzuzukile Soni, the CEO and founder of BrownSense – a buy-black initiative connecting black businesses owners with customers through social media and events. Young business owner Yamkela Kiviet also joins the discussion.

How To Access Corporate

‘Township economy’ refers to enterprises and markets based in the townships. Operated by township entrepreneurs to primarily meet the needs of township communities, these can be understood as ‘township enterprises’, distinguished from those operated by entrepreneurs outside the townships. In the studio with Teboho and Bulelani, Jayshree Naidoo - who is the head of Standard Bank Incubator - joins the discussion.

Real State OF Entrepreneurship in SA

Entrepreneurship activity in South Africa is improving, but still lags behind in comparison with other parts of the world. In the studio with Teboho and Bulelani is Donna Rachelson, the Group CEO of Seed Engine - including Seed Academy. She is also a Branding & Marketing specialist, author and speaker. They are also joined by KK Diaz - CEO of A-Game Business Consulting, business coach, author and also a speaker.

The Lioness

Teboho speaks to beautiful and powerful lionesses who are doing amazing things for themselves in their respective fields. They’ve gone beyond their boundaries to achieve greatness and are playing their part in improving the community. These lionesses are Lesego Mashishi-Matlela - who’s a soldier turned businesswoman, Tumi Sibanda - attorney turned author/coach, and Mpumi Nobiva - Oprah Winfrey’s mentee turned activist.

Artificial Intelligence

The services industry globally and in South Africa continues to evolve, shaped by the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution - a technology revolution, a new South Africa 23 years post the dawn of democracy, where legal risk is increasing and changing, and an increasingly borderless business world. These themes fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to each other as professionals. Joining Teboho Mafodi in studio is the Deloitte Legal Director Dean Chivers, and the globally renowned futurist and co-author Daniel Susskind. They discuss the above themes and look at recent trends impacting the various professions and businesses across the world.

Kasie Culture

Township street culture is a fast-growing entrepreneurship trend taking place across various parts of South Africa. Teboho Mafodi and Bulelani are joined live in studio by food entrepreneurs doing it for themselves.

Shared Value

Shared value is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social problems. Sharing that information is key with others, so Teboho Mafodi talks about shared entrepreneurship information. Joining him in studio is Njabulo Ndaba - Managing Director of Lady in Waiting Live magazine and an architect by profession, Andile Makaring, Zimkita Twantwa and Matshidiso Ramatse from The Hookup Dinner.

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