Saying Goodbye

6 EPISODES | SAYING GOODBYE |  Series, ±17 min episode total time 1 hr 47 min
A series of conversations with Cape Town business owners and innovators, cultural architects, anchors and ordinary folks, who have, in ways big and small, meant something to us. It's a chance to celebrate what we love most and mourn what we've lost so abruptly in the wake of Covid-19. Hosted by writer, poet and Cape Town transplant, Hailey Gaunt.
ENGLISH Read by Original music by Bryan Keidel. Cover art by Katerina Sonntagova. South Africa Society & Culture · Documentary

South African Border Wars

33 EPISODES | DESMOND LATHAM |  Podcast, ±19 min episode every 6 days
Much has been written about the South African Border war which is also known as the Namibian War of Independence. While the fighting was ostensibly about Namibia, most of the significant battles were fought inside Namibia’s northern neighbour, Angola.

South Africa’s 23 year border war has been almost forgotten as the Cold War ebbed away and bygones were swept under the political carpet. South African politicians, particularly the ANC and the National Party, decided during negotiations to end years of conflict that the Truth and Reconciliation commission would focus on the internal struggle inside South Africa.

For most conscripts in the South African Defence Force, the SADF, they completed matric and then were drafted into the military. For SWAPO or UNITA or the MPLA army FAPLA it was a similar experience but defined largely by a political awakening and usually linked to information spread through villages and in towns.

This was a young person’s war which most wars are – after all the most disposable members of society are its young men. Nor was it simply a war between white and black. IT was more a conflict on the ground between red and green. Communism and Capitalism.

The other reality was despite being a low-key war, it was high intensity and at times featured by unconventional warfare as well as conventional. At times SADF soldiers would be on foot, walking patrols or SWAPO on foot, launching attacks across the border.

But there were motorised heavy vehicles, tanks, artillery, air bombardments and mechanised units rolling into attack each other.

For some that was a nightmare, for others, freedom. At times youngsters from the suburbs of Pretoria or Durban were fighting experienced soldiers from Russia and Cuba. For veterans the territory would come to be known as “Nam” as the experience replicated the American experience in Vietnam to some extent.

South African Human Rights Commission 25 Years

6 EPISODES | SOUTH AFRICAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION |  Series, ±5 min episode total time 32 min
The South African Human Rights Commission celebrates its 25 years of promoting and protecting the human and socio-economic rights of everyone living in South Africa. To celebrate this anniversary, this podcast series will look at the work of the Gauteng provincial office of the SAHRC over the last years.

Strides Forward

3 EPISODES | STRIDES FORWARD |  Podcast, ±18 min episode every 3 weeks, 3 days
A documentary-style podcast about female marathon and ultra-marathon running; our first season focuses on experiences at Comrades Marathon. Host and narrator Cherie Louise Turner takes you into this fascinating endurance sport to discover what compels women from around the world to run far. From world record setters to mid-life fitness seekers, the stories vary as much as the women who share them. Discover what facing impossible challenges looks like, and the lessons you walk away with. You may be even be inspired to follow in their footsteps.

Tales from my stethoscope

5 EPISODES | TALES FROM MY STETHOSCOPE |  Series, ±29 min episode total time 2 hr 27 min
A truly South African podcast series where paramedics, trauma nurses and doctors can share their stories of what its like being on the forefront of emergency medicine in South Africa.
Some episodes may contain a trigger warning upfront - so if you are sensitive to trauma descriptions then perhaps give this episode a miss.

The Corona Dialogues

The Corona Dialogues are a series of conversations about the Covid-19 coronavirus and the impact that this pandemic will have on the world, with a specific look at South Africa. We discuss the economic, societal, political and personal impacts of what will be one of the most defining events in modern history.

The Fireplace: A Youthcast

4 EPISODES | HOCIC ZIMBABWE |  Series, ±27 min episode total time 1 hr 51 min
This is an interesting show!!. YouthCast is an edutainment podcast channel that educates and entertains young people on topical issues that affect them in their day to day lives. Each weekly show will see different experts coming in to discuss/facilitate/moderate/present different thematic topics in relation with their specialty and the relevance it has on youth policy.
ENGLISH Read by Eugenia Ncube, Nkosiyapha Mpande, Zinhle Sibanda Zimbabwe Kids & Family · Documentary

The Friendship File

25 EPISODES | PODCART |  Podcast, ±19 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
Do you ever wonder how your friends really see you? What would life be like if they weren't around? Parents, partners, children all come and go, but our friends stay - witnesses, cheerleaders, therapists, playmates. Each friendship is unique. But what makes it work? Two friends answer 17 questions about each other - on their own and without conferring. Each episode is a combination of those answers, flipping open the blueprint of one of the world's most valuable things - a friendship.

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