African Brick Centre #KliphardeKaraoke - 22 Feb Song

We’re playing the African Brick Centre Klipharde Karaoke competition, where you can win R1 250 for singing the chorus of The Foundation’s “Build me up buttercup” – in the style of a heavy metal rocker! To enter, send your Telegram voicenote to 084 222 9497. Remember data rates and OFM’s competition rules apply. No under 18s.


Why do you build me up (build me up)

Buttercup, baby

Just to let me down? (let me down)

And mess me around

And then, worst of all (worst of all)

You never call, baby

When you say you will (say you will)

But I love you still

I need you (I need you)

More than anyone, darling

You know that I have from the start

So build me up (build me up)

Buttercup, don't break my heart