The influence of social media on financial markets

Social media platforms have emerged as highly influential communication platforms through which all kinds of information is shared. Traditionally financial markets have been influenced by information which is not readily available to ordinary members of the public. Hedge fund managers have been able to drive financial market activities in ways that non-financial market participants would not be able to understand.

In recent times, mobile device apps which make it easy for ordinary people to access financial markets, and social media platforms through which information is shared, have disrupted the status quo of exclusivity in financial market participation. A new generation of financial stocks and other financial asset traders are challenging what it means to trade for value in the open market.

HarvyT hosts Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Chartered Accountant and Tech Business Enthusiast on the AreaCode show, to hear his independent opinion on Tech Business Insights. Kevin discusses the influence of social media on financial markets.