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VOW FM 88.1 is a campus-based community radio station operated broadcasting from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. The station has a variety of music and talk show that reflect the life of the youth, students, politics and tackles social issues.
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Teen Suicide Prevention week

The South African depression and anxiety group says teen suicide is becoming more common every year in South Africa. In South Africa 9% of all teen deaths are caused by suicide. The fastest growing age is young people under 35, specifically female suicides which peak between 15 to 19 years!…
15 Feb 2023 7 min

Radio Beyond the medium - Palesa Lemeke

Radio beyond the medium is more than radio shows, news bulletins and traffic updates. Radio beyond the medium is personal, interactive and engaging. The theme which we celebrate World Radio Day this year is ‘Radio and Peace’. There are many definitions of peace, but all of them are rooted in…
13 Feb 2023 4 min

Radio and Peace - Mapaballo Borotho

According to UNESCO Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity and constitutes a platform for democratic discourse. This year we celebrate world radio day under the theme "Radio and Peace". War, as an antonym to peace, signifies an armed conflict between countries or groups within…
13 Feb 2023 5 min


Karabo Randa, Marketing Manager at Butan, an African premium streetwear brand, joins Neo Molefi on Sunday Brunch to talk about the brand that is Butan but also to chat about the clearance sale happening at 44 Stanley.
25 Sep 2022 15 min

THE MAINSWITCH - Sports Corner with Panashe Chiranga

As we celebrate Women's month on VOW FM, The Mainswitch celebrated women in sports by inviting Panashe Chiranga, who is the Wits Netball Team Captain. They got to reflect on her netball ball career and talk about her win at the premiere division at the USSA Netball tournament 2022, and…
3 Aug 2022 8 min

AREA CODE - COURT ROOM - Tshepo Mohapi

The death of an unborn child will not be considered murder in the South African criminal law. This is according to Attorney, Tshepo Mohapi, as he shared his views on VOW FM’s Area Code show this morning. His views come as the sentencing proceedings in the trial of Ntuthuko Shoba,…
27 Jul 2022 8 min

AREA CODE - Mythbusters - myths that carries us at night

Have you secretly cut your nails at night, and thinking about what might happen? Or you gave your neighbour salt at night? With the fear that something might happen, have you ever been told not to sweep at night and you did it anyway? Is this a myth or there's…
14 Jul 2022 18 min

Area Code - Primedia Radio Days

VOW FM was invited by Primedia to join them as they celebrated their Primedia Radio Days. Area Code had the priviledge to broadcast from their 702 studios.Presenting on the day was Kgomotso Monyai as she gave a stellar broadcast and had the opportunity to speak to the CEO of Primedia…
30 Jun 2022 1 hr 12 min

AREA CODE - Mythbuster - grey hair

Growing up we were told that when a young person has grey hair, it means you'll have wealth and riches. In this episode, the Area Code team busts that myth.
23 Jun 2022 12 min

AREA CODE- Mythbuster - umuthi/ medicine

Umuthi awubongwa- direct translation is when someone gives you medication you should never thank that person. In this episode,we are looking into why this myth started and what it really means.
9 Jun 2022 14 min

AREA CODE - Mythbuster- little people

It's been said that little people have super human strength and that their anger is proportionate to their height. What are some of the myths you know about little people? join us as we dispel these and more myths.
2 Jun 2022 9 min

Area Code - Mythbusters - African Myths

On another installment of MythBusters, we look into the various African myths that have shaped and influenced lives. In this episode, we are joined by Ntate Thabo Seekane, an African traditionalist who helps dispel these myths. Are we influenced by the Truth or Myth?
19 May 2022 19 min

Area Code - Mythbusters - Albinism

With a brand new installment of Mythbusters on Area Code, we first look into Albinism and the myths that surround it in South Africa. Albinism is a congenital absence of pigment in skin, hair and eyes. And in this episode we bust all the myths surrounding Albinism.
12 May 2022 30 min

Area Code - In Conversation with Pabi Moloi

Pabi Moloi Joins Pretty Ngwenya on Area code to touch on various parts of her life from being a Radio and Television broadcaster to being a mother. But most importantly, we discuss the success she has obtained in her career.
6 May 2022 47 min

Wits Graduation Season.

Wits University announced the start of the April graduation season where five- thousand-five-hundred-and-ninety-three (5 593) students were capped between 19 and 29 April 2022. The April cohort comprised undergraduate degree holders who, having completed their last two years under pandemic conditions, were also part of the esteem ceremony. VOW FM News…
4 May 2022 8 min

Vow Fm Drive - Rape examination with Dr Ditiragalo Molao

South Africa is said to be the rape capital of the world, with someone being raped or sexually abused at every 25 seconds. Rape rates are so high that a woman in South Africa is more likely to get raped than she is to learn how to read. Furthermore, in…
29 Mar 2022 13 min

LGBTQI+ Human Rights

South Africa’s constitution prohibits unfair discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and guarantees equality for the LGBTQI+ community. Nevertheless, majority of this community is still subjected to discrimination and violence, VOW FM News helps us understand the rights of the LGBTQI+ community. Compiled and reported Cliff Shiko (VOW FM…
21 Mar 2022 8 min

Are you Exercising your Human Rights Fully?

No one, not even the state has the right to violate or disrespect anyone’s human rights, but are South Africans freely practicing their rights? A number of South Africans are unaware of the rights they are entitled to and in this podcast, we shed light on exactly that. Compiled and…
21 Mar 2022 9 min

Foreign Nationals and Human Rights

It is an unfortunate fact that some South Africans exercise xenophobic acts to foreign nationals. In this podcast, we discuss the rights that foreign nationals residing in South Africa can observe as the country commemorates Human Rights Day? Report compiled by Kwena Seema (VOW FM NEWS)
21 Mar 2022 7 min
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