#016 Kosheek Sewchurran | Creating worlds through conversation

A learning journey conversation

Kosheek Sewchurran (UCT GSB | Associate Professor)

In this episode host Petro du Pisani speaks to Associate Professor Kosheek Sewchurran, who is the programme director for the University of Cape Town (UCT) Graduate School of Business (GSB) executive MBA.

As Petro embarks on her EMBA, she will speak to some of the amazing human beings she will encounter along the way.

Associate Professor Sewchurran has designed this programme in such a way as to nurture and create executives who are able, in their actions and their being, to lead authentically.

In this episode we talk about Kosheek's journey, some of the major transformations he has seen in people and what the burning questions are that keep him excited every day.

We talk about 'everydayness', living in the moment and how we can create worlds through conversation."

Music : Deliberate Thought | Kevin MacLeod (YouTube Music Library)