#012 Music is so immediate | Barry Berk

An age old story of how music can seduce you away from almost anything

Barry Berk | The Bass Station

Barry recorded the last few projects I did, and I have a very deep respect for his way with the song - simultaneously sensitive and certain. I was keen to find out more about what drew him away from film-making, and into the music.

In this conversation, Barry chats about producing the Josie Field & Laurie Levine collaboration album, the challenge of getting heard in an ocean of new releases and how much the SHOW matters! He also gives a little bit of breakdown of what actually goes down in the studio when you make a record.

This is a really accessible interview, whether you're a muso or simply a music lover.

Barry Berk is a filmmaker and music producer. He creates his magic at The Bass Station in Johannesburg and has recorded some of the hottest indie musicians in South Africa.

Outro music : 'Flutter By' by Door Peep, featuring Reign Afrika on vocals
Used with permission of the right holder