The Impact of Technology on Sports

Athletes can benefit in many ways with the help of technology which will put them in a better position to reach their goals. Safety in sports is improving because improvements are being made to sports protective equipment and to exercise routines which will prevent injury or other forms of shock to an athlete's physical condition. Performance of sports people is also improving as evidenced by record performance times and achievements which in the past was thought to be impossible.

Currently sports fan engagement technology is popular because more fans have become digitally savvy, and have adapted to following sports on digital platforms. With this comes digital media and content platforms which keep us up to date with what is happening in the world of sports. Referees in sports are increasingly working with technology and have become better at making decisions in the game which are critical to how the game progresses.

HarvyT hosts Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Charted Accountant, and a Digital Innovator on the Area Code show, to share his independent Tech Business Insights, and today, we discuss The Impact of Technology on Sports.