Do you think it is okay to air your dirty laundry on social media?

When it comes to airing dirty laundry on social media, do you believe it is okay and do you think it can be justified? Once you have a fall out with someone who is close to you, there are bound to be hurt feelings, and depending on the gravity of the situation, there may also be some pent up resentment. What does one do with these feelings, however?

Stacey and JSbu came across a Facebook post by a woman who went on an impassioned rant about the father of her child who has neglected to pay maintenance for the child they share. In the post that has since had to be deleted, she also shares how her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy drove her into a depression after he deserted her after she became pregnant with their child. She further requests the help of her followers to make her post go viral so that the baby daddy somehow manages to see it and so that she can expose him for being a dead beat father.

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