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Is it okay to send money in lieu of buying flowers?

One sheepish ECR Listener, has a confession to make... In collaboration with, we've decided to detail some of the wildest confessions on the streets of Mzansi and get KZN to weigh in with their unfiltered thoughts. Today we talk about a confession where a listener sent money instead of…
17 Jul 8 min

Kiddies Hotline: Who is your role model?

Calling all kids of KZN! It's time to activate the Kiddies Hotline brought to you by H&M. The question of the day is "who is your role model?" These little legends filled our airwaves with so much cheer.
17 Jul 6 min

Are lucky charms real? Should we be worried?

Do you believe in lucky charms? After the recent Springboks loss in KZN- the internet has been spiralling on why this could be. Is MamaJoy right, is she our nation's lucky charm? Is it just a silly superstition? Make sure to TUNE IN to Stacey and J Sbu from 3-6PM…
16 Jul 13 min

Kiddies Hotline: The best donut on the East Coast is....

It’s time to activate the kiddies hotline brought to you by Suncoast. To all the little ones who are on the way home, off to go play in the park or maybe even here at the house and garden show, we want to hear from you! School is out and…
3 Jul 9 min

Wearing Pink Proud: Maria's 155 km challenge for period poverty

Stacey and J Sbu chat to Maria who shares her inspiring journey as she tackles the issue of period poverty. Maria shares her motivation behind running 5 kilometers every day throughout July to raise awareness for this critical cause, shedding light on the challenges girls face due to limited access…
27 Jun 4 min

KIDDIES HOTLINE: Why we love mom and dad

It's time to activate the kiddies hotline. This time, we are hitting close to home by asking the little ones what they love about their caregivers. Catch the Kiddies Hotline on Wednesday at 15:20- brought to you by Suncoast.
26 Jun 12 min

A very emotional farewell to green ID books

Stacey and J Sbu are feeling some type of way... More than a decade after the introduction of the smart ID card, the Department of Home Affairs has announced plans to phase out the green barcode ID book.
25 Jun 3 min

Complete the sentence: "I used to be able to..."

As we get a little older there’s a lot that we struggle to do. So many hobbies, physical attributes and goals fall by the way side as we are no longer able to do it. Stacey and J Sbu are asking you to complete the sentence: "I used to be…
24 Jun 14 min

Confession: "I love my boyfriend to death by he is SO messy!"

ECR Listener, Lisanne, has a confession to make... In collaboration with, we've decided to detail some of the wildest confessions on the streets of Mzansi and get KZN to weigh in with their unfiltered thoughts. This week we're talking about a relationship issue.
19 Jun 12 min

"My husband pays for everything but I am in charge"

Let's talk money in your relationship! How do you and your partner split the bills? We speak a lot of languages in South Africa but one that many understand is money! It's a topic we know all too well but in this day and age, the way we approach it…
18 Jun 20 min

An isiZulu version of Bohemian Rhapsody!? Ndlovu Youth Choir share the scoop

ZA Fest is once again hosted this year at the iconic Manor House Venue, situated in the heart of Sheffield Beach. This extraordinary venue blends our unique heritage with tasteful, contemporary sophistication. Come and celebrate the best in local at ZA Fest Ballito with Kamers vol geskenke from 14-17 June,…
14 Jun 4 min
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