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Two of your favourite voices have teamed up to make your drive home better than ever before. Stacey & J Sbu have levelled up and are bringing you some fire content, edgy topics and world class radio listening.

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Stacey and J Sbu open up the ex conversation: Do you have an ex whom you would like to visit?

According to a spiritual influencer, if you lie down in bed and set an intention to visit an ex and give the universe a reason as to why you want to do so - you could actually be able to visit your ex in your dream, and they will be able to get whatever message you are trying to get across in that dream.

When then asked KZN, If you could visit any ex in your dream - and they would be able to receive your message telepathically. What would you say or ask them?

KZN including Stacey and J Sbu had a lot to say to their ex's.

Take a listen to the full podcast here.

Stacey and J Sbu share some of their shocking Facebook receipts with KZN!

Now on Throw Back Thursdays we like to get nostalgic on the show, not just with some of our music but also with our content.

But today's one was a surprise to Stacey and J Sbu because our producer went on to Facebook and found Facebook memories of when Stacey and J Sbu clearly embarrassed themselves.

What FB memory or post by you that till this day, you absolutely do not believe that you shared for the world to see?

Listen to Stacey and J Sbu's reaction

Umngeni Water Spokesperson gives an update on the water cuts in KZN

The eThekwini Municipality is working towards avoiding major water disruptions across the city.

Many South Africans woke up to no water in their households this morning, Stacey and J Sbu were not affected but received so many messages from the KZN community who shared that they had in fact been without water for months on end.

Show producer, Zama spoke to Umngeni Water spokes person, Shami Harichunder about an update on how long they were with the repairs of a failed scour valve as we well as some accountability to those affected areas who have been left frustrated.

Oops! Think we might be back on the no winning streak for Stacey Normans BIG Music Challenge!

We had Marilyn today who was carpooling with Mellisa, Cavi, Danny, Shudnam and even though her friends seemed to help her in the back ground she still didn't walk away with R1000 for Stacey Normans Big Music Challenge today! Which means that the grand total for tomorrow is R2000 in cash!

We don't know about you but that's some cash money! If you feeling lucky then enter by by sending Stacey a WhatsApp message with 'Stacey' and your name to 061 792 9495, using #StaceyNormansBigMusicChalleng

#MatricFocus: Meet the 18 year old Effingham Secondary student ranked 'Top Student' nationally!

For the month of Februray, Stacey and J Sbu have been featuring some insights for parents and students focusing on the class of 2020. The topics and conversations will be tailored and have the opinion of an expert.

Today, the team wraps up the #MatricFocus with an interview with a young lady whom the word excellence does not even come close to doing her justice! Her accomplishments are unfathomable for most of us especially when you contextualize that she achieved all of this during a pandemic.

"My husband seems not to support me with the way I feel about my in-laws with regards to my 7month year old"

Today's the fixer was very sensitive because like any parent you always want the best for your child and know the best and being over protective of my child comes naturally.

Sandra is in a predicament with regards to her in-laws and them respecting the way she chooses to raise her 7-month-old child, but that has put her in a weird place with her husband as she feels he should stand up for her when it comes to his parents because she doesn't like they way they are undermining her when it comes to things she tells them she doesn't want when it comes to her child.

Take a listen to the podcast

And we have a WINNER! R8000 in cash, well done to Samantha

Sam made our Wednesday a day worth reliving when she managed to walk away with a whole R8000 with #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallege! Stacey was finding it hard to sleep because we just weren't getting winners.

Well done Sam!

If you feeling lucky then enter by by sending Stacey a WhatsApp message with 'Stacey' and your name to 061 792 9495, using #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge

Stacey Norman gives X 2 massive Clues (answers for Stacey Normans BIG Music Challenge)

Another first on Stacey and J Sbu is the record prize money on offer today for Stacey Normans Big Music Challenge.

Stacey has decided to give KZN listeners a massive clue for todays challenge.

Make sure you enter to play today as you can WIN R8000.

Send Stacey a WhatsApp with the word ‘Stacey’ and your name to 061 792 94 95 #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge

Then tune into Stacey and J Sbu at 5: 11 pm because YOU could be on the show playing for the money.

"My husband thinks I'm overreacting because I don't want my in-laws feeding my 7-month year old certain foods"

Sandra is a new mom, has a 7-month-old, since the pandemic, her child has been looked after by her in-laws.

Sandra has clearly not started feeding her child solid foods and even though she has repeatedly told her mother in-law in particular this, the mother-in law persists to feed the child ‘grown people food’ including spicy curry and Biryani.

Her husband thinks she is overreacting- what should she do?

Listen to the podcast to hear Sandra grievances.

It definitely goes down in JSbu's DM and it's as saucy as it can get!

J Sbu received an interesting DM on the gram yesterday from a stranger, and since we share everything on this show- he is going to share part of it with you. After 'shooting her shot' and missing J Sbu's secret admirer had a parting shot in reference to J Sbu's son

She ended the private inbox message with and we quote: “Make Sure You Kiss My Son For Me”

Following which, J Sbu's producer tracked down the mystery woman who sent a voice note message for J Sbu, that he didn't know about.

Listen to JSbu's reaction and what the final verdict was concerning the mystery lady.

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