"I'm sorry but marriage is not something that is earned by one person. It's a covenant with God by both" - KZN Listener

On Tuesday, Stacey and JSbu opened a whole can of worms when they asked KZN a very triggering question it may seem.

Twitter user, Caroline may be feeling regretful over a post she shared on her Twitter account this past weekend. Caroline shared a picture of a woman dressed in a traditional blanket and doek seated on a mat with the caption ' You can buy every outfit you like but this one, you earn it'.

We then took this up with KZN and asked them: Do women have to 'earn' marriage?

This definitely rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. "Earned 🙄Haibo no way...Whether a lady can cook or can't cook that doesn't make her less of a wife? So why must woman EARN. If that is the case then men should earn their place too. Can they provide ON ALL DEPARTMENTS to be a husband?"

KZN came out with guns blazing. Listen to the podcast to hear what they had to say.